A beautiful tribute: ‘Hey Eileen’

The talented folks at the Rick Springfield and US fan site put together a beautiful tribute video in memory of Rick Springfield’s mom, Eileen Springthorpe, who died on Dec. 21 at age 96.

RS writes about his mother’s early years in his autobiography “Late Late at Night.” When she was 15, her parents died within months of each other and she left school to get a job and raise her younger sister, Pat, who was seven years younger than her. She met her future husband when she was a teenager and their anniversary was on Valentine’s Day. Such a sweet love story. At the time of her death, she was still living in the same house that RS lived in before moving to America, facing the tree her husband planted in the yard many years ago (he died in 1981 and she never remarried).

This video features RS’s song “Hey Eileen,” which was  on “The Day After Yesterday” and  “From The Vault (A Collection of works by Rick Springfield and Jeff Silverman).”

Cluck here for the lyrics.

4 thoughts on “A beautiful tribute: ‘Hey Eileen’

    • All I’ve heard so far is that he wrote a new song about his mom for the album, so likely it won’t be “Hey Eileen.” Hopefully we’ll find out soon!


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