Captain Rick


As America inaugurated its new president yesterday, we also learned that the ’80s cruise will soon have a new musical captain. It was announced yesterday that Rick Springfield will host next year’s The 80s cruise, March 17-24, 2018.

The event will include a number of performers from the 1980s, as well as ’80s-themed parties and stops in the Bahamas and the U.S. Virgin Islands. RS will host the cruise, and even a few of the original MTV VJs will be there.

As someone who was in junior high and high school in the ’80s, this sounds totally rad and it’s definitely on my “If I win the lottery…” list.

The first ’80s Cruise was in 2016 and if RS would have been the musical captain on that ship, this image from his “Human Touch” video would have had a whole new level of prophecy:

Human Touch

But he wasn’t.

However, there was an ’80s tribute band  from New York on the 2016 cruise called Jessie’s Girl, so he was there in spirit.

Update on Jan. 25: Here’s a little more information about RS’s role in the cruise here, courtesy of

Springfield will head-up parties on the cruise, as well as perform three headlining concerts, jam with other musicians during their sets and be part of a Q&A and autograph session. The cruise will also feature ‘80s movies and videos playing in the cabins and a nostalgic video game arcade. Co-hosts on the cruise include MTV VJs Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood and Alan Hunter.

It sounds so fun – I guess I should start playing the lottery now.

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