Miles of hugs

RS is back on the road again, in a Stripped Down tour with Richard Marx, and last night was his first performance after the death of his mom on Dec. 21, exactly a month before.

He sang a beautiful song he wrote about her and you can tell from the videos that fans were kind enough to share that his pain is still so raw. It must have been difficult to perform it so soon, but hopefully he will find solace in his music once again as he says he has in the past. 

As he was singing it, photos of his mother were shown on the screen behind him, including what I’m guessing is a tree that represents the one his father planted in their backyard and was what she was looking at when she died. And the last photo was the last photo he took of her last time he saw her, standing in her yard bidding him farewell in the early morning darkness. So heartbreaking and I’m sure that if all of his fans who want to give him a big hug after seeing the video could do so, the line would be miles long.

Here are his lyrics:

4 Billion Heartbeats

I’m a little kid lost
Alone and confused
My mummy died
My mummy died
I woke in the night to the terrible news
Mummy you died
I’m broken inside
Thought I was made of stronger stuff
Believed I could weather a storm this rough
4 billion heartbeats still weren’t enough
Mummy you died
Mummy you died
I know that you’re free, you’re all light
You walk hand in hand with my father again tonight.

Here’s a video posted by Maryanne TJ on YouTube:

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