More songs on the way?

So happy to read this in an interview tonight:

Springfield, 67, is touring behind his latest album, “Rocket Science,” which dropped last February, and he continues to co-star in the fantasy-horror series “Supernatural” on The CW. And he’s already writing songs for a follow-up album.

(This was a story from in advance of this weekend’s concert in Durham, North Carolina.)

The soft-spoken bard knows his ’80s hits draw the crowds, but he’s looking forward to showcasing fresh material. “Most people want to hear the hits, but I love to play the new stuff, which is why I keep writing,” he says. “Whether people listen to it is immaterial.” …

Right now, Springfield says he’s focusing on his role in “Supernatural” – he plays Lucifer – and on songwriting. “I’m in a great space right now,” he says. “I’m on a creative high.”

I’m guessing the interview was done weeks ago since his role in “Supernatural” is over (or at least it seemed to be), but it was the “writing songs for a follow-up album” part that caught my attention. Plus if the story had to mention “Jessie’s Girl,” at least the headline said, “More than Jessie’s Girl.”

I thought the part about writing songs even if nobody listens to them was interesting, especially since everything he writes gets listened to repeatedly and then is analyzed and digested by his fans. (Or is that just me? No, I don’t think so.)

There is a joy of creating something from nothing and the whole process of it is magical, whether it is music or art or anything creative. One of my songs on Soundcloud has over 300 “plays” – but that’s because it happens to have the same name as some wrestling theme song, I discovered after a brief investigation (mine is a very un-wrestling song). So although nobody is listening to my songs (although sometimes my kids sing them), it’s OK, because just the process of writing them is enjoyable (when it’s not frustrating because it feels like something’s not working).

I just had an idea! RS has his own studio and he’s writing songs so he can record them whenever he wants to and because he doesn’t care if anybody listens to them though thousands of people do, he can record them and release them on YouTube so we can listen to them! That sounds like a great idea, right?

4 thoughts on “More songs on the way?

  1. Have you ever wonder why the artists who are the most popular in touring are 50 (90s alt bands, smashing pumpkins/rhcp to the rolling stones). I am a musician and can shed some perspective as to why the “old firms” are still dominating this industry. New firms have little or no chance to compete in the music industry, the formats for listening today are mainly pandora and youtube. The revenue streams are going to these corporate giants while independent artists are mimicked by the artists/bands currently dominating the industry, so not only are artists starving these days…we have a group of Thomas Edison’s in the music industry taking credit for our intelligent property


    • From what I understand, touring and merchandise is the way musicians make their money these days so for those starting out who may not yet have a following to attend shows or purchase merchandise, I imagine it’s very challenging! Although it is easier to share one’s music these days because of social media, there’s so much out there that things get lost and it’s difficult to monetize the work. There must be a solution out there and plans under development, at least I hope there is.


  2. Rick definitely has a new album in the works. It will yet again be a first for him. A few clues were dropped on the Atlantis trip. It’s going to be cool! Cannot wait!!! 🙂

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