In the two-and-a-half years since I started writing this blog, I think my brain has become saturated with details of Rick Springfield’s life. At the risk of sounding a little crazy, let me explain.

Today I attended a daylong conference that offered at least 10 choices of topics and speakers every hour and somehow I found Rick Springfield references in nearly every one of them. Here are some examples:

1. One was a musical session that took a biblical excerpt and those present created a group song out of it. Because it was the Jewish holiday of TuB’Shevat (the birthday of trees), the passage was about the Tree of Life. One of the messages of the song was how we plant trees for future generations. That reminded me of the tree RS’s father planted in his backyard, which I wrote about in a previous post.

2. The second session was about finding purpose and passion at every stage of life. The speaker began her session by telling about her daughter reminding her that a person only has so many heartbeats in their life and that you need to live a life of urgency because you never know how many you’ll have. This made me think of RS’s song “4 Billion Heartbeats.”

The speaker also talked about adversity making us stronger and her mother’s lessons to her to do your best work and presevere, which are central themes in RS’s life.

When she talked about successful marriages, she talked about remembering that extraordinary fades away and the ordinary is the important steady safe harbour of life, which of course reminded me of the song about his wife – “Ordinary Girl.” She also talked about couples who are the most successful are those who support each other following their passion. I don’t pretend to know anything about their marriage, but obviously he’s following his passion of music and his wife seems to be very supportive of him doing that.

There were no RS reflections from two of the sessions I attended, but the last one was about the secret of happiness. The speaker talked about how happiness cannot be found in external things, but must be found within. And as anybody who’s read “Late Late at Night” knows, RS had that revelation in the 1980s after his career took off.

Should I be concerned that so many things remind me of Rick Springfield? Was it all the great photos and videos posted from the Nashville shows lingering in my mind?

I guess as long as I contain it on the pages of this blog it’s OK. But sometimes I think it’s beyond my control. For instance, as I drove away from the conference, this is what I saw:

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