Houses and homes

I’m feeling rather heartbroken today for RS and his brother, Michael. There was a news story from Australia today that his mother’s house was sold at an auction.

I saw this news as I was at my dad’s house, where my kids and I are staying for a couple of days while some repairs are being done at our own home. My family moved into this house when I was in third grade so there are many memories there. I haven’t stayed overnight there in probably about a decade or so and I couldn’t help but think of how RS must be feeling this weekend.

In one of the bedrooms, there is a photo of my grandparent’s house, the house my dad grew up in and that his parents moved out of a little over  decade ago. I’ve only been back to their city once since then and it was so strange to sit in a car front of their house and know that it wasn’t part of our family anymore. Sometimes when I go back to L.A., I take a drive past each of the places I lived. It was so long ago now, it’s not as nostalgic as it used to be, but I do take a few moments to reflect on who I was then and the people who were in my life at that time.

The Australian article made a big point to make it clear that it was the house that RS grew up in and that it was the place where he wrote “Jessie’s Girl.” I don’t think that’s altogether true, though, I think he was a teen when they moved in and past accounts have him writing JG in his house in Glendale. Maybe they got it mixed up with “Painted Girl”?

Anyway, the article said that they played “Jessie’s Girl” and other RS songs before the auction, which I thought at first was pretty tacky, but the more I thought about it, I think his parents would have probably gotten a kick out of it. After all, it was in that house where he dreamed of having a successful musical career and if they would have known back in those days about his son’s future, they would have been so thrilled for him and proud of him.

Ironically, the family who bought the house had never heard of RS before, according to the article. It said that they were a young family with two young children – and there was a picture with one of their kids, whose name is Michael.

Although I never met RS’s mom, from what I know about her, I imagine that she would be pleased that a young family is now living in her family’s house and starting their life there. And I hope the memories of his parents and their house bring RS more comfort than heartache.

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