Rick and the NEWSflash radio

In addition to five-year anniversary of the “Affair of the Heart” documentary being this month, now a RS fan radio show is debuting this weekend. Exciting stuff, along with the tour of Germany with the Rock Meets Classic show – both RS tourist and concert photos from Germany, as well as the live feed from Berlin. Sure beats my house this week, which is a combination of house painting (after the water damage), matzah (it’s Passover) and balancing work and my kids’ spring break. Definitely fantasizing about the rock star lifestyle this week.

Information posted on Facebook about the radio show:

Rick and the NEWSflash Radio will broadcast non-stop starting on April 14th-16th the music of Rick Springfield and Friends – independent music artists who have opened for or worked with Rick in some capacity.
We also celebrate the 5th Anniversary release of the rock documentary – An Affair of the Heart: Rick Springfield Documentary. A special DJ Rowdy Ron 2012 interview with Rick Springfield will be broadcasted.
****Broadcast time 1200AM PST Friday 4/14/17 to 9PM PST Sunday 4/16/17 ****
The music line up will feature Jeff Silverman, Joe Taylor, Erick Baker, Jennifer Lynn simpson, Gabriel Katona, Paul Trudeau, Kaya Nicole, Dauzat St. Marie, Ken Sharp, Niclas Lundin, Joey Hyde, Alex Hall , Jason Charles Miller, JTX, Kenny Charles, Dustin Walker & Michael Springthorpe.
SAVE the below link to enjoy online. (Android users, please use Firefox or Chrome on computer web browsers).
LISTEN: at http://bit.ly/2nlWcJ3

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