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Thanks to social media, RS fans have been able to follow his Rock Meets Classic tour in Germany these past few weeks (it started March 30 and ends April 18). There have been RS/RS official photos posted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and his fan club diary, as well as a live stream video from Berlin and various concert videos and photos on RS fan Facebook pages. It’s so great that some of his European fans got this opportunity to see him perform!

(The We Love Rick Springfield fan site put together a great page with more details about the tour and a gallery of fan photos.)

News reports have been a little more difficult to follow, as they are in German, but thanks to Google Translate, it’s possible to get the basic idea (I am not sure how accurate the translations are, but at least it’s something.)

According to Kalle-Rock-Berlin, he “conquered the grandstand” and knows how to work a guitar with a bouquet – “that was pure rock n’ roll.” “The man has a grandiose voice and can play a damn brilliant guitar.” Here’s the full translated text:

Then came the special guest of the evening to his first appearance.
On Rick Springfield many people were happy, he was a few years ago in the city to a performance. Damn … the guy may rock. I have to confess, I have never been busy with him so far and I was all the more surprised, As the stage has seized. With a bright guitar, I went to “I’ve Done Everything For You”. Rarely has a musician thrown as many Plectren into the crowd as he did in the first two minutes. So Rick had to use his Plecs during the song at Mat. First female supporters brought flower bouquets to the stage and handed them to Rick. What he did then was simply too cool. He used them to play the guitar. Rarely has a musician so geil worked a guitar with a bouquet like him. The leaves flew only through the area. That was pure Rock’n’Roll! With “Don’t Talk To Strangers” and “Celebrate Youth”, he then made the right decision, but unfortunately the break had already taken place, and the first 70 minutes passed surprisingly fast. All the musicians have so convincingly, the sound brilliant and the light for great mood. The audience was delighted.  …

20 minutes break were over, the dates for 2018 noted (among other things 11.04.2018 in Berlin) and the orchestra took place. The band was also on site and at the beginning of the second half there was a medley from “Living On A Prayer” and “It’s My Life”. The songs are from Bon Jovi, of course, and you can tell whether the rock star is not a candidate for the event. But before anyone could speculate, Rick Springfield was back on stage and played “Human Touch”. He took the song very precisely and suddenly went from the stage to the crowd. Rick whispered through the seats, sang on chairs and conquered the grandstand. No one had expected that. Was this planned? It was a lot of fun for the fans and himself. The man has a grandiose voice and can play a damn brilliant guitar. With “Love Somebody” and his Welthit “Jessie’s Girl” went on and the fans celebrated their idol.

From N-News on the Wurzburg show:

Special Guest Rick Springfield, also already 67, which one does not regard him at all, was the next Act. The musician from Australia heated up the audience. His 1985 hit “Celebrate Youth” was the last song before the break. Rick Springfield’s cool inlay: He used a bouquet of roses as a pick. Rick Springfield went on after the break. Suddenly, he jumps off the stage and walks up with the fans. Dance with them, and climb over the chairs in the middle of the audience. It makes it visibly fun and the audience like it, of course. With “Jessie’s Girl” Rick finished his part.

I included this in a previous post, but it also fits here, so I’m including again, since “he masters all the rules of the entertainment, leaves the stage, goes into touch with the fans and rises above the chairs of the arena.” From Mittelbayerische:

With Rick Springfield , a real Sonnyboy comes on stage. Despite his age, the man has lost none of his power and charisma. He gives the ramp and starts with “I’ve Done Everything For You”. That rocks and Springfield also shows that he can play the guitar. He uses a bouquet of roses as a plectrum and thus ensures beautiful show effects. At “Celebrate Youth” he starts an intro. The guitar is out of tune, the musician laughs “fuck it” into the microphone, straps it off and pushes it across the stage to his roadie. It goes without. After the song is paused anyway.

In the second part, continue with Springfield. He masters all the rules of the entertainment, leaves the stage, goes into touch with the fans, rises above the chairs of the arena. The man is really having fun and the hall is not only playing “Jessie’s Girl”.

And from Volksfreund for the Trier show:

“Rick Springfield, who had not heard so much since the 80s, had the greatest surprise. He hugged a visibly admired admirer in the front row, played the audience, threw roses around him and had an almost childlike joy at the gig – not just at “Celebrate Youth” and “Jessie’s Girl”. Unbelievable that Springfield is already at the end of 60!”

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