#TBT Where’s all the love?

Somebody posted on Facebook today that “Wait for Night” came out this month back in 1976. That made me nostalgic for that album so I did a little googling and came across this video. I thought I’d share it since I had never seen this before and thought others might enjoy it, too.

Such 70s delight, from the clothing to the hairdos. All those girls sitting right next to him in all his singing, unbuttoned-shirt glory. None of them, including RS himself, knowing who he would become. Singing about his desire for love only a few years before meeting the woman who would become his wife of more then 30 years and counting. So sweet. 

And here’s “Jessica,” before the loosening of the tie and unbuttoning of the shirt. Did that happen during the commercial break? There’s even a disco ball sighting. 

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