“Jessie’s Girl” came on the radio yesterday and the woman next to me told me she was a big fan of Rick Springfield and has seen him in concert countless times since 1982. I told her I was a fan, too.

She said the last time she saw him was last year and she named a local casino. Um, no, I thought, he didn’t play there last year. I didn’t say that, of course, but I had seen him the last five times he performed in Arizona over the past two years and that wasn’t one of the places. I didn’t say that, either. Nor did I mention that it looked like it was a great show in Milwaukee the evening before nor ask if she also thought he looked good in red (which he wore at the Milwaukee show, as shown in video clips on FB the night before).

After that conversation, it dawned on me that for the past two years or so since starting this blog, I’ve been hyper aware about where in the world Rick Springfield is at any given time. (And I mean that in a general, non-stalker way during his touring/promoting his latest project time, NOT in his personal life time  – except for when photos appear on social media during those times.)

I’m not sure how I came to this point, from being completely oblivious about RS’s career to following it on pretty much a daily basis. Maybe because he’s been so busy these past couple of years that there’s lots to follow – new music, touring, acting, talk shows, etc. Then there’s also the airport/airplane or restaurant sightings that people post on social media.

If I ever had the opportunity to ask RS questions about his life, this topic would be one of them. Since his career has fluctuated so much, how has that affected his being recognized in public? During the 1980s, a RS sighting could have caused mass hysteria in certain crowds. Yet in the late 1980s/early 1990s when he wasn’t in the spotlight, was he still approached by fans when he was out and about? Could he eat with his family at a restaurant without being disturbed? Was he able to depart the Los Angeles airport without being accosted by TMZ reporters?

Some people are avid fans of sports teams and follow them religiously, others faithfully watch TV shows and then analyze the episodes with other fans afterward.  I suppose this is no different, although I often find myself metaphorically biting my tongue so I don’t talk about it too often. Thank goodness I can get it out of my system on this blog and if you’re reading this, maybe you can relate.

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