Get well wishes

This message was on RS’s Facebook page today:

​Really sorry about the cancelled gigs this week but a bad sinus infection got the best of me. Too many planes, airports and exposure to stuff I suppose. I’m resting up with my charming dog right now but hope to hang out with you soon at the upcoming shows 🙂

XO Rick

Posted with the message was a photo of his cute little dog Bindi curled up on the couch.

Aww, poor guy. He works so hard, the only time he seems to stop working is when his body forces him to rest.

So I hope he listens and gets some rest. According to his website, there are no concerts scheduled for another month (except maybe for some unposted performances for fundraisers like the one last week in Florida). So unlike his previous breaks, where a lull in concerts meant filming a movie or TV show or recording a CD, maybe he’ll just relax with his family and dog for a few weeks.

Sure, there’s also the “Magnificent Vibration” or autobiography sequels to work on, too, but those can also wait.

Get well soon, RS!

: )

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