Feeling GIPHY

Rick Springfield now has his own GIPHY (Giphy is a database for GIF files. In case somebody reads this years from now when this terminology is outdated, an animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) file is a graphic image on a Web page that moves.)

Because RS demonstrated his artistic talent in his illustrations in “Magnificent Vibration,” I’m not sure if his tweeted announcement meant that it’s his first GIPHY that he created or if it’s the first official one of him: “Hey now! My first GIPHY.”

But regardless, since it is 119 degrees outside, I thought I’d find something to do inside, such as try to find the sources for RS’s different looks in his GIPHY. Not sure if I’ve got it right, but here are my best guesses. 

  1. Comic Book Heroes/Mission Magic


2. Dr. Noah Drake on “General Hospital”


3. Rolled-up sleeve look

No idea.

4. Human Touch


5. Bop ’til you drop


6. Rock star in the 2000s look, with long hair and tattoo on left arm

Because of the color of the shirt – and the long hair and scruffy face – it reminds me of this look, which is from one of my very favorite photo sessions.


7. Souls

My first guess on this one is “Souls” even though he’s not actually wearing a tattered suit with a red tie in the video, but he does have a scruffy look.

8. Suited

He’s worn lots of suits during the course of his career, but can’t think of a specific one for this. Is it supposed to be “Jessie’s Girl”?

OK, that was fun.

A GIF from a show I was at. Awww, memories:

And my very favorite GIPHY:

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