#FlashbackFriday: Treasures from the 1980s, then and now

Our air conditioning went out last night and since the evening temperature is still about 102 degrees (down from the day’s 119 degrees) me and the family are across town staying at my dad’s house tonight. The house I grew up in, which means my teen RS collection is in my old desk drawer. 

So I thought I’d share a few treasures:

Tour merchandise order form from 1982, including an offer to join the new, innovative Rick Springfield Club, which included “a special record from Rick.” Cost: $8 for the year.

The fan club included an assortment of color pictures, which of course I put in a photo album (which is now falling apart from age):

Can anyone translate this?

Apparently I was doing some sort of research:

For more of these treasures, see this previous post, right after I rediscovered them in the 21st century: Where it all began.

And moving on to the future, today we got a listen of the first snippet of a song from RS’s new album, featuring none other than guitarist Tim Pierce from RS’s band back in the 1980s, The Fabulous Eels.

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