Get Rick Fit prizes

When I returned home from Los Angeles, I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me!


The #getrickfit Facebook group had a team competition, matching up teams of two to compete against each other to see who could get the most steps in two weeks. I was lucky to get Jenni on my team and she is a super stepper and I didn’t want to let her down so I walked way more than I would have if it wasn’t for this competition. Usually in triple-digit temperatures, you try to find nearby parking spots, but I went for spots on the other end of the parking lot so I could get more steps in. And on some nights I’d run up and down the stairs before bed just to get some more steps in before midnight. Fortunately, part of this competition occurred during vacation and museum visits can can help with this, too, especially if you take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Anyway, I came home to this wonderful package sent by Tracey Stein, who started the Get Rick Fit group. (Check out the #getrickfit Facebook page here.)

Here’s what was inside:

A Get Rick Fit T-shirt, sticker and postcards

A certificate of achievement

A great RS photo

An award signed by RS (Tracey said that she brought a pack of awards to a meet & greet to let him know about the competition and ask him to sign a few. He offered to sign them all. Awww…)

And, the coolest part of all: A signed “Speak to the Sky” 45 record from Tracey’s personal RS collection. Thank you, Tracey!!


And thanks, RS, for inspiring so many people in so many ways!

2 thoughts on “Get Rick Fit prizes

    • You should give it a try when you’re ready – a little friendly competition can be really motivating. Wishing you a smooth and speedy recovery!


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