Happy birthday to my favorite rock star


A great RS pic – one of many by Jay Gilbert

Happy birthday to my favorite rock star!

I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for being you and for sharing so much of yourself with your fans. Although there was a long gap in my active RS fan years, you played a huge role in my formative years – aka teen years, when your presence was a daily part of my life through your music and the posters of your face plastered all over my bedroom walls.

You’ve also played a major role in the past three years, after I “rediscovered” you after coming across an interview about “Magnificent Vibration” in 2014. Not only was it fun to return back to that time of my life through listening to your music and watching the videos, but it reawakened the songwriting part of myself that had been dormant for about a decade. In the grand scheme of things, the fact that I’m writing songs again will likely have no great impact on the world, but to me and my family, it’s huge. When I hear one of my kids sitting in the next room singing one of the songs I wrote, I think of you because I know how powerful music can be and I feel like you’ve helped me add this line of communication to my family’s life. Perhaps music would have still been a big part of their life even I had never come across that interview, because my husband and I already had a deep appreciation for music, but making our own has definitely added a whole new dimension to our lives.

By sharing your story in your autobiography and in interviews, you’ve also made an impact in other ways. The reminder that life is full of ups and downs and unexpected turns is such an important lesson. And of course the “never give up, never give up, never give up” examples you’ve demonstrated in your own life is useful in so many ways. Plus you just seem like a really good-hearted guy.

I know my story is just one of many. You’ve impacted so many people in your 68 years and by sharing your struggles and challenges along the way, you’ve helped so many people in their own life. So today we celebrate your 68 years of existence on this planet so far and wish you a very happy birthday!

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