18 years ago tonight

“Somebody call security, Rick Springfield is coming back.”

That was the opening line of an item in the paper announcing Rick Springfield’s concert at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix 18 years ago tonight. That was my second RS concert that year – I saw him in Vegas that summer and met him for the first time at a “Karma” CD signing in Los Angeles that April. (Thanks, rickspringfield.us site for posting the notice.)

Here’s an interview from earlier that year on the “Donny & Marie” show. It includes a look at his bare right bicep, on which he recently had surgery (the cause of his recent guitar-less shows).

He doesn’t have a show scheduled for tonight (if there was, I was thinking of posting a video from that year and this year, but I couldn’t find one from 1999), but here’s a fun video of “Don’t Talk to Strangers” from last night’s show. It especially cracks me up because my kids often point out RS’s bad language.


There were also some great videos of this weekend’s shows posted live on Facebook, both on RS’s Facebook page and other places. Despite not being able to play guitar for now, he still ROCKS and entertains (and now his doctor has proof that RS is listening to his instructions…)

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