Rambling thoughts on the new album ‘rising’

The publicity so far for “The Snake King” has said that the album will be “rising” on Jan. 26. I haven’t heard that wording before as it pertains to an album, and because Rick Springfield is a writer who seems to select his words carefully (at least in his writing), I am thinking that the word was chosen for this album for a specific reason.

First I Googled “album rising” to see if that wording was music industry terminology that I wasn’t familiar with. All that came up was a “Rising” album by a band called Rainbow (Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple and Ronnie James Dio of Black Sabbath and Dio) and “The Rising” by Bruce Springsteen. Although RS’s life seems to have been involuntary intertwined with Springsteen’s, I’m pretty sure that there’s no connection here. (For anyone who still gets them confused, read this post.)

So, why the use of “rising” for “The Snake King” instead of”drops” or “will be released”? Since we still have some time before the album “rises,” I thought I’d explore possible reasons.DOO-b7SW0AA2Fmn

  1. Religious implications: Judging from the song titles, there seems to be some religious elements so the “rising” can relate to Christianity.
  2. Political implication or world events: I don’t want to get political but so much has happened this past year that could provide inspiration to sing the blues. Maybe “The Snake King” rising refers to a change in leadership?
  3. Rising definition: ‘coming to the surface’ ‘appearing above the horizon’: Could refer to RS releasing some of his thoughts about things that he previously kept suppressed.
  4. Rising definitions: ‘reaching a higher position,’ ‘moving to higher ground’: Could refer to RS adding new heights to his career by publicizing his incredible guitar playing more than ever before.
  5. Rising definition: ‘reacting with annoyance or argument to’: A combination of #2 and #3, with RS not holding back on how he feels about things.

Maybe the use of the word “rising” will be clear once we hear the whole album or maybe somebody can ask about it during the Q&A at an upcoming Stripped Down show. (If you find out, please share!) Or maybe we’ll never find out. But by then we’ll be so busy listening to the new songs, that we may forget about it anyway.

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