Who (and what) is ‘The Snake King’?

Two new articles posted today share a little more information about “The Snake King.”

In one of the articles, “Rick Springfield Calls Original Blues Set His ‘First Theme Record‘ ” on wxhc.com, RS says the new album tackles both personal and universal topics, often at the same time:

“It’s stuff I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and I wrote it, actually, kind of, over a weekend, and got the basic form for a lot of the songs and what they’d be about — it happened pretty quick. And then I just fiddled with them over the months after that — but it came pretty fast, what approach and what the focus. . . and basically it’s the first ‘theme’ record (laughs) I’ve ever done, based on a character named ‘The Snake King.’ And sometimes that character is the devil, sometimes it’s God, sometimes its me — sometimes it’s, y’know — the news.”

In a second article, in the Midland Daily News in advance of his Dec. 28 concert at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort, RS calls “The Snake King” an experiment.

“It’s a different approach to both the music and the lyrics and reflects on what is happening in the world and in my head.”
It is also a departure from the way things are usually done in the music business — heading out on tour to spread the word about a new album.
” I don’t really tour to support an album anymore,” he said. “The biz has changed so much. It’s now kind of the reverse. I put out a new record to support the tour. And, it’s good for my head to have new music to play live.”

The article also indicates that “that new music will be mixed in Springfield’s hits” so those lucky fans who are going may get to hear some of the new music at next week’s show.

The article ends with this:

As the years roll along, Springfield has a full plate in front of him, filled with more live shows, another book and as he says “other projects.”

Springfield says retirement isn’t on the horizon.

“I really don’t know what I would do if I retired,” he said. “I’d probably get a band together and play some gigs. Maybe drink more. I love doing what I do.”

Well, we love what you are doing, too.


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