Coming of age

I recently realized that my oldest son is approaching the age I was when I first became aware of Rick Springfield: 12.

Here’s the first mention of RS in my diary, entered on May 15, 1982, almost exactly 36 years ago from today:


It was just a couple of months after RS debuted on General Hospital (March 25, 1981) and although I don’t remember if I was already watching “General Hospital” at this time, it looks like RS and John Stamos were the only ones in the magazine that rated my three-star “Wow” poster rating.

So far my, son’s main interest is in basketball and although he does like music – some of his favorite are Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boys and Bruno Mars – he hasn’t gotten to the point where there is any non-sports-related decor on his walls.

This is how my walls looked when I was in my early teens:


Did my parents think it was odd that I had all these posters of a guy in his 30s all over my wall when I was 13? Or listening to these lyrics?

I get excited
Just thinkin’ what you might be like
I get excited
There’s heaven in your eyes tonight
The fire’s ignited down below
It’s burning bright
Oh baby, stay, we got all night, all night
Baby please, I can’t please
If I’m on my knees tonight

(“I Get Excited” from “Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet” – 1982 – my parents bought me the album for my birthday that year)

Or this from “Inside Sylvia” from “Working Class Dog” – 1981

Inside Sylvia, oh Sylvia, yeah, yeah, Sylvia
I know my love is alive
Inside Sylvia, yeah Sylvia, oh Sylvia, oh

(I know he has said that his relationship with Sylvia was not of a sexual nature, but still, those lyrics…)

As he’s said himself, most of the songs from WCD and SHSMY are all about lust and sex – did I know that at the time? I think I sensed that they had adult themes, but I was pretty innocent at the time overall so I’m not sure how much I actually understood. But I did recognize his “wow” factor, that’s for sure, and the crush factor was pretty strong.

We made it through the baby stage with our sons, survived the toddler years, and now all of them are in elementary school. After reading “Late, Late at Night,” and getting a glimpse of what puberty can be like for boys (we are all girls in my family), I’m trying to prepare myself for being on the opposite end of the equation (the parent instead of the teen).

Of course things are much different these days – kids have exposure to many more things today then my generation did at this age. And what seems shocking in one generation, often doesn’t phase the next one at all (such as Elvis “shockingly” shaking his hips on national TV – if those shocked adults would have known what kind of things end up national TV today, they would likely be horrified.) It goes the other way, too, things that were everyday happenstance in previous generations (such as how women and minorities were treated) seem horrifying today (hence, the #metoo movement).

I’m not really sure what my point is here and I’ve probably gone off on a tangent, but what I’m TRYING to say is: How did this happen so fast that I was once a tween (although they didn’t call it that at the time) who innocently listened to Rick Springfield records and had his posters covering my wall and now I’m nearly 50 writing a blog about him and have a son who is almost the age I was when I started being a fan?

If I had to sum it up with one word, I guess I’d have to say, “Wow.”

6 thoughts on “Coming of age

  1. I am considering plunking down the sizeable (for me) sum to go to a sound check meet & greet. Have you done one of these? Does it last more than half an hour? I would LOVE to go but I have to justify the money. 😉
    Sorry if you’ve posted about this – if you have I couldn’t find it on my crazy phone!


    • Hi Donna,
      Unfortunately I have never been able to do the sound check meet & greet either. I have heard wonderful things about it, though, and would love to do that someday! Lots of people on the RS Facebook fan pages have shared their experiences so if post there, you will likely get lots of feedback.
      (If anybody out there would like to send me to a sound check so I can document the experience, I will gladly oblige. The same goes for any future fan trips.) 😄


      • Thanks so much for your response! I emailed the merchandise website people and learned it would only last 30 minutes. Since that’s the case I’ve decided against going. I would looove to do it though! Maybe my son will buy me a meet & greet pass for my birthday, haha! I saw a post on Facebook where someone said he had been rude and disinterested at a meet & greet but I would assume that’s not the norm!


      • I would also love to do a soundcheck. Maybe someday. I have heard of many who have had wonderful experiences so perhaps that was just an off day. I hope your son does get you one! If he does, let me now how it goes! : )


  2. I saw RS at Epcot earlier in the year and in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago and I am seriously becoming addicted (I got to touch him and thought I was going to pass out). I had forgotten how much I adored him! I could go to Biloxi in a couple of weeks and I’m seriously going to strongly hint that the meet & greet is the only thing I want from anybody for my birthday. I’m doing scared I’ll start shaking or hyperventilating or doing some other crazy fan-girl thing and embarrassing myself but I’m thinking it may be worth it. As long as I don’t pass out and miss my picture, haha! I am really too old to be a groupie, but hey, if RS is my midlife crisis it’s better than a lot of other mid-life crisis alternatives!
    I love your blog and I’m so happy I found it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Donna, I’m so glad you enjoy the blog and that you understand the effects of a RS addiction. Those who are not afflicted have a difficult time understanding it, but I agree that it’s a much better alternative than some of the other midlife crisis options!


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