Thoughts about set lists

This week marks two years since I saw Rick Springfield in concert, although I’m hoping to go his show next month when he’s in town. Thanks to those fans who post videos and set list pictures, I ALMOST feel like it hasn’t been so long.

Since many RS fans see multiple shows throughout the year, it’s nice that the band mixes things up now and then.

One song that is apparently back in rotation is “Souls,” which is my favorite song off of “Living in Oz.”

One of the songs he’s been playing is “Voodoo House, my favorite from his newest CD, “The Snake King.”

“Affair of the Heart” is one of my favorites from the 1980s and that’s one that he’ll probably always have to play, so that one is pretty safe, I think.

It’s also great hearing a longer version of “State of the Heart.”

A couple of songs that seem to have moved off the list are “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift and “Roar” by Katy Perry. Although I like both of those songs, I’d much rather hear Rick Springfield songs at a Rick Springfield concert so I won’t miss either of those AT ALL.

Another one I am glad is gone is “I Hate Myself,” which I heard live back in 2015. Although it’s great live, there was something disturbing about hearing hundreds of people shouting “I hate myself.”

One song that he’s played the last few times I saw him that seems to be gone is “I’ll Make You Happy,” from “Shock/Anger/Denial/Acceptance,” which was wonderful live so I will miss that one.

Currently “Our Ship’s Sinking” from “Songs for the End of the World” and “Down” from “Rocket Science” are on the set list of longer shows.

What really would be fun is the type of thing that happens at the fan events – albums in their entirety – but that’s unlikely. Especially from “Venus in Overdrive”because I didn’t go to any shows during those tour years.

I haven’t had any new videos to add lately so thanks to those who have shared theirs!

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