#FlashbackFriday: Treasures from the 1980s, then and now

Our air conditioning went out last night and since the evening temperature is still about 102 degrees (down from the day’s 119 degrees) me and the family are across town staying at my dad’s house tonight. The house I grew up in, which means my teen RS collection is in my old desk drawer. 

So I thought I’d share a few treasures:

Tour merchandise order form from 1982, including an offer to join the new, innovative Rick Springfield Club, which included “a special record from Rick.” Cost: $8 for the year.

The fan club included an assortment of color pictures, which of course I put in a photo album (which is now falling apart from age):

Can anyone translate this?

Apparently I was doing some sort of research:

For more of these treasures, see this previous post, right after I rediscovered them in the 21st century: Where it all began.

And moving on to the future, today we got a listen of the first snippet of a song from RS’s new album, featuring none other than guitarist Tim Pierce from RS’s band back in the 1980s, The Fabulous Eels.

Feeling GIPHY

Rick Springfield now has his own GIPHY (Giphy is a database for GIF files. In case somebody reads this years from now when this terminology is outdated, an animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) file is a graphic image on a Web page that moves.)

Because RS demonstrated his artistic talent in his illustrations in “Magnificent Vibration,” I’m not sure if his tweeted announcement meant that it’s his first GIPHY that he created or if it’s the first official one of him: “Hey now! My first GIPHY.”

But regardless, since it is 119 degrees outside, I thought I’d find something to do inside, such as try to find the sources for RS’s different looks in his GIPHY. Not sure if I’ve got it right, but here are my best guesses. I may update this post in the future if I change my mind…

  1. Comic Book Heroes/Mission Magic


2. Dr. Noah Drake on “General Hospital”


3. Rolled-up sleeve look

No idea.

4. Human Touch


5. Bop ’til you drop


6. Rock star in the 2000s look, with long hair and tattoo on left arm

Because of the color of the shirt – and the long hair and scruffy face – it reminds me of this look, which is from one of my very favorite photo sessions.


7. Souls

My first guess on this one is “Souls” even though he’s not actually wearing a tattered suit with a red tie in the video, but he does have a scruffy look.

8. Suited

He’s worn lots of suits during the course of his career, but can’t think of a specific one for this. Is it supposed to be “Jessie’s Girl”?

OK, that was fun.

A GIF from a show I was at. Awww, memories:

And my very favorite GIPHY:

Random connections from the photos in the envelope

After the last post about the Rick Springfield photographs I found in an envelope in a box in my garage, somebody noted that Joe Gottfried – co-founder of Sound City Studios – was one of the men in the photos.

So I did an image search for “Joe Gottfried Sound City” and found a similar photo on producer Jeff Silverman’s website for his Palette Music Studio Productions. On the page with the photo, Silverman describes his early days in the music business, including how he first met Rick Springfield and his connection with Sound City Studios. The page doesn’t say where the black and white photo was from, but the caption says the photograph is from the “Sound City” movie and it looks to be from the same event as the photos I found.

So that mystery is somewhat solved, but what I then realized was that this ended up being a reminder of how mysterious life can be and how interconnected we all are. I don’t know if I can articulate it clearly, but I’ll try.

The person who sent me the photos, who I lost touch with years ago, was somebody I didn’t know all that well – she was the girlfriend of my ex-husband’s guitar teacher and was in a band in Los Angeles that we saw a few times. Apparently she knew I was a big fan of Rick Springfield because she was the one who got me into the Wherehouse in the first group to meet RS in April 1999, the day “Karma” was released, and before I went to Las Vegas to see a RS show later that year, she told me she knew RS’s guitar player. When I saw his guitarist in the bar after the show, I mentioned her to him and he gave me his phone number to give to her.

So that’s the first part of this scenario. Then the second piece is that a similar photo to the one she mailed me is on Jeff Silverman’s website. What’s weird about that is that last year I contacted him to find out about how his online/virtual recording studio works after hearing him talk about it on a Rowdy Ron online radio show.

I will be forever grateful to Jeff Silverman for taking the time to listen to some of my songs and for his words of encouragement for my songwriting. He was so nice and gave me such invaluable advice about how to move forward with my efforts. (Ironically, the one song he expressed interest in was the one that stemmed from a conversation from my mother-in-law after watching “Ricki and the Flash.”)

Anyway, perhaps it’s just because it’s late at night as I’m writing this that all these connections related to RS seem so mind-blowing, but I’m just feeling super appreciative for all these small acts of kindness that people in my past have done for me and wanted to send out waves of thanks to them.

Random photos in an envelope

I was looking through a box in the garage and I came across an envelope postmarked Feb. 19, 2001. It was from a friend I’d lost touch with years ago and inside were 8×10 photographs of Rick Springfield.

There was no note so I’m not sure what they are from. Only one of them, a picture of RS with former Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, has information on the back (photo by Jeffrey Mayer/Rainbow Photography in 1982). The others look to be from some black-tie event.

I thought I post them here in case anybody has any other information they would want to share.

1982 Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/Rainbow Photography

Update (thanks, @RickNewsFlash):


Close to the one-year mark

In the last few days, I’ve received several notifications of upcoming Rick Springfield shows. There are full-band shows, Stripped Down shows, co-headlined acoustic shows with Richard Marx and co-headlined shows with Pat Benetar and Neil Giraldo. One thing they have in common is that none are in Arizona.

Sure, I’m happy for fans in all those cities and am grateful for all the photos and videos they will hopefully share, but it’s getting very close to the year-mark of being at a RS show so I’m starting to feel the withdrawal. In fact, a year ago one month from tonight, was the last time he was town.

I already feel the virtual glare of fans in Australia or other places that may not have had a RS show in years or decades, and I know I’ve been spoiled (a total of five Arizona concerts in 2015 and 2016) but, c’mon, we’re neighbors (state neighbors). It’s just a one-hour flight for most of the band. You don’t even have to bring any equipment, we have some guitars and a keyboard you can use. Sorry, Siggy, you’d have to bring your own bass and Jorge, you may have to use the ottoman (think retro-style, like the demo of “Jessie’s Girl”). It can be a casual get-together with your Arizona fans (and if you want to make a road trip of it, there are probably some California fans who would charter a bus). Doesn’t that sound fun?

Anyway, fortunately shows seem to be added on a regular basis (like that time in 2015 when I broke down and bought tickets for a Vegas show only to find out a few days later that tickets were going to go on sale for a concert that same week only a few miles away.) So there’s still hope that there will be a nearby show in 2017.

Meanwhile, there has been news that RS and the band have been in the studio to work on the next album, which RS has said will be blues-y. So there’s a chance that he’ll play one of the new songs at one of these upcoming shows, which would be pretty cool, too, and if people share it online, that will help withdrawals – so thanks in advance.

Internal musical journey

My morning commute was physically the same as it usually is, but this morning, my mind took me on a completely different journey based on what played on the radio.

It started with “Don’t You Want Me” by the Human League, which was my favorite song in eighth grade and reminded me of the crush I had on a classmate’s older brother.

The reception on that station was a little fuzzy so I changed the channel and the next station was playing “Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran, which made me think of that time in high school when me and three of my close friends sat around in a circle singing “Hungry Like the Wolf” as part of a rehearsal of a band that we wanted to form but never did. We were HUGE Duran Duran fans in those days.

Then it was “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins – a song my kids like. My husband recently watched “Top Gun” with them so that scene recently played on the TV in our living room.

Next was “Jessie’s Girl” and you can probably tell that the musician who sings that is often on my mind.

Following that was “Rocket Man” by Elton John, which reminded me of all of RS’s connections to Elton John through the years, as mentioned in “Late, Late at Night.”

And right before I got to the office was “When Doves Cry” by Prince, which is one of my favorite Prince songs and of course it reminded me that he is no longer alive. : (

Then my internal musical journey ended because I got to the office.

Speaking of music, there’s another weekend of Rick and the NEWSflash Radio being planned for Memorial Day Weekend. Here’s the info:

This Memorial Weekend, Rick and the NEWSflash Radio is broadcasting non-stop the tunes of Rick Springfield & Friends starting this Friday 1200AM PST 5/26/17 to 9PM PST Sunday 5/29/17.

We will also feature the music of Jeff Silverman, Joe Taylor, Erick Baker, Jennifer Lynn Simpson, Drew Six, Dauzat St. Marie, Ken Sharp, Kenny Charles, Debra Lyn, Niclas Lundin, Shewolf, Michael Springthorpe and more!

SAVE the below link to enjoy online.
LISTEN: at http://bit.ly/2nlWcJ3




Get well wishes

This message was on RS’s Facebook page today:

​Really sorry about the cancelled gigs this week but a bad sinus infection got the best of me. Too many planes, airports and exposure to stuff I suppose. I’m resting up with my charming dog right now but hope to hang out with you soon at the upcoming shows 🙂

XO Rick

Posted with the message was a photo of his cute little dog Bindi curled up on the couch.

Aww, poor guy. He works so hard, the only time he seems to stop working is when his body forces him to rest.

So I hope he listens and gets some rest. According to his website, there are no concerts scheduled for another month (except maybe for some unposted performances for fundraisers like the one last week in Florida). So unlike his previous breaks, where a lull in concerts meant filming a movie or TV show or recording a CD, maybe he’ll just relax with his family and dog for a few weeks.

Sure, there’s also the “Magnificent Vibration” or autobiography sequels to work on, too, but those can also wait.

Get well soon, RS!

: )

Working Class Dog tumbler

My Mother’s Day gift to myself came in the mail today.

The tumbler celebrates the 35th anniversary of “Working Class Dog” and “Jessie’s Girl.” And the 35th anniversary of when I was 13, which I am totally embracing as I inch closer to 50.

As they say, “If you can’t face it, just embrace it.”

Well, nobody actually says that, I just made it up. And that’s what I am going to do. 

Rock Nation


I came across this today: “Rock Nation” from Rick Springfield and Friends – released April 1, 2017.

What?!  The digital download is a compilation of songs, but there’s only one written by RS: “Starlight, Starbright,” which was on “Mission Magic” (1974).

Here’s the list of songs:

01 – The Grass Roots – The River Is Wide
02 – Donovan – For Every Boy There Is a Girl
03 – Larry Hoppen – Still the One (Live)
04 – Jimi Jamison – Eye of the Tiger (Live)
05 – Mickey Thomas – We Built This City (Live)
06 – Rick Springfield – Starlight, Starbright
07 – Starbuck – Benny Bought the Big One
08 – Sneaux – Shakin Party
09 – Will Fletcher – Soft Blue Eyes
10 – Emergency Blanket – Careless Kenny

Not sure what the story behind this is or what the connection is between these songs – or if it’s even officially sanctioned by RS. The cover looks a little creepy and doesn’t really seem to fit the musical style of the songs (judging from the samples). 

Two lines

Two days and 17 years ago I was at a Rick Springfield concert but until today I hadn’t found my journal from that year so I had no memory of it; it wasn’t until I noticed the anniversary date on somebody’s Facebook post that I realized I had been at that particular concert.

Today I realized that my notebook from that year wasn’t with my earlier ones because I had recently moved so it was part of my current life (current at the time) rather than my past and was in a different place.

I found the notebook and since past RS shows had resulted in at least a page of details about the show (or long blog posts, after 2014), I couldn’t wait to see what I had written about it.

I quickly turned through the pages to find the date: 5/5. There were only two lines: a mention of the concert, who I went with and where it was. Two lines, no details.

The pages before and after were filled with heartbreak and dating drama, which reminded me of that relationship from so long ago that so consumed me. It also appears that I was recording my dreams that year, as many entries are fragments of dreams, probably written right after I woke up.

There were also lots of entries of  lyrics – some of them with melodies I remembered; the lyrics remind me how I was feeling at that time.

For instance, this one:
You climb into his car, you fly to the moon
You think it’s a brand new melody, but it’s just the same old tune
You smile at his stumbling, you’re touched by his thoughtful gaze
You think it’s a once-in-a-lifetime, but it’s just one of those days…

After that 5/5 concert in 2000 (my sixth RS show)  I wouldn’t see RS in concert again until 15 years later. And by the time that concert occurred, I had been writing this blog for eight months, after coming across a TV interview after his novel was released.

Why is it that back in 2000, a RS mention was two lines in a journal and now, in my 40s, I’ve written over 260 posts on a blog about him, a process that provided inspiration to start writing songs again? In this early months of this journey, my goal was to record some of my old songs so they’d exist outside of my head and I’ve only recorded a couple of them so far because I’ve been so busy writing new ones instead. If I would have been so inspired 17 years ago, who knows how many songs I’d have by now or what I would have done with them.

Maybe because sometimes when your head gets clouded with negative things, it’s more difficult to recognize hints of inspiration. Or maybe things are happening the way they are – when they are – for a reason and you can’t look backward, only forward.