First glimpse of Supernatural look

The promo is out for the new season of “Supernatural ” – our first glimpse of Rick Springfield as Lucifer. Big transformation from his last role as Greg on “Ricki and the Flash” – there’s an Alice Cooper look going on here. A Halloween treat comes early this year: Thursday,  Oct. 13 on The CW.

30 days till showtime


In 30 days, Rick Springfield will appear on the big screen in his first feature film since “Hard to Hold” in 1984. His film debut didn’t get very good reviews, but at age 14, I didn’t care about things like that – it was Rick Springfield on the big screen and (giggle, giggle) you got to see almost all of him. Plus you got to hear his newest songs.

Anyway, this new film is about “a musician who gave up everything for her dream of rock-and-roll stardom returns home, looking to make things right with her family.” A comedy-drama about a family and lots of music starring Meryl Streep – one of my favorite actresses – that in itself sounds wonderful.

Most of the movies I watch these days are from Netflix, watched as I fold laundry on the weekend and I don’t make it to the theater very often, usually only for kid movies. (Last month it was  “Inside Out,” which I enjoyed, and “Minions” will likely be the next one). But I will definitely make it to the theater for “Ricki and the Flash.” It looks like I may be in Los Angeles that week so I’m going to try to visit his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame during that week, too, which is pretty cool!

Truth be told, although I’m looking forward to the movie, I’m mainly just happy for him that he has this opportunity and I am more excited about his new CD. It’s reportedly called “Mayhem” but I haven’t seen any official announcement about the title.

Here are some snippets from interviews about the film: