April 24, 1981

I remember reading an interview with Rick Springfield once saying that he named the first song he wrote about his father’s death with the date because he wanted to always note the significance of that date.

That date lives on in his fan’s minds, too, and I’m sure many RS fans are thinking of him and his family today.

This last song on “Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet” brought a whole different level of depth to the album, which is otherwise all about relationships and sex (“Calling All Girls,” “I Get Excited,” “Don’t Talk to Strangers,” “What Kind of Fool Am I”). I received the album for my 13th birthday. That year, 1982, sparked my connection to RS, and this song was a big part of it because it showed his deeper side and another dimension to him, rather than just the cute rock ‘n’ roller.

Here’s the song from his “Live and Kickin” video, which features an Aug. 13, 1982 concert (a few days after my 13th birthday). The song starts at about 1:30 mark:


And a video from a 2016 “Stripped Down” show 34 years later:

Thinking of Norman Springthorpe on this day and sending warm and comforting thoughts to RS and his brother, Michael.

April 24, 1981


April 24

Here’s an example of turning a painful experience into something beautiful and the power that music has to connect people and bring solace to those in their time of need. Wishing strength to everyone who is missing a loved one today.

Big hug

Dear RS,

I’m sure you are feeling lots of love at the Club Med fan getaway this weekend, but I just wanted to join the collective hug from all your fans across the world on this significant day in your life. The songs you wrote for your father are a beautiful tribute to him and I’m sure he is incredibly proud of all the lives you’ve touched through the years. XO