The day after the AZ State Fair

He’s probably long gone by now, but RS was only a few miles away this weekend.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I wasn’t able to go to his concert at the fair last night, which I was really sad about, but I was there in spirit. Can’t get a guitar pic or human touch when you’re there in spirit, but some people shared videos that I watched afterward, so that helped. (Thank you to those who shared your videos and pictures!)

I ended up giving my tickets to a friend (it’s difficult to sell tickets to a free show) so she got to see him for the first time and in exchange,  she sent me a photo so I could see what the view would have been from my seat in the fifth row:


As you can see, he is back to playing guitar in concert – the first time in several weeks after his surgery. Whoo-hoo! (Though sorry I missed the big comeback.)

It was also his and his wife’s 33rd wedding anniversary – so Happy Anniversary to the two of them.  And more family trivia – today is his oldest son’s birthday – so happy birthday to Liam.


Birth announcement in a 1985 fan club newsletter.

And since we’re on the subject of trivia, here’s an interview with a local radio station before the AZ State Fair, where we learn a little more about RS besides that he loves cotton candy. I’ve never been to Australia, but I did watch “Jaws” at a young age so I feel exactly the same way about sharks.


So that’s that, nothing else to report. There are no RS concerts that I have tickets for, there’s no word on “Magnificent Vibration” or “Late, Late at Night” sequels, there’s no updates on a release date for “Traces” and “The Snake King” isn’t scheduled to come out until March 2018. Maybe we’ll get a sneak peek soon at a song from “The Snake King”? One of the pics say “I Know What You Want” so maybe that will be the first one we hear?

Oct. 29 update: 

Click here for a fan review from somebody who actually was at the concert.

Two years ago tonight my kids sang with Rick Springfield

No biggie, just my teen crush singing one of his songs with two of my sons. ūüėćūüėÉ

Two years ago tonight at the Arizona State Fair. Such a weird time-warp experience. The guy on my teenage wall singing “Don’t Talk to Strangers” first on a record album in my teenage room and then decades later sharing a microphone with two of my boys.

Have I mentioned that he’ll be in town again this week? Yes, on that same stage as seen in that video. But I won’t be there this time. ūüėí

But there will likely be other lucky kids singing there this Friday night, continuing the tradition. To those going, have fun!

Magicians, turkeys, dragons and a Rick Springfield concert

The family and I went to a children’s festival this afternoon and the Arizona State Fair had an exhibit with some carnival-type games for the kiddos. 

There were also stacks of the flyers shown below. Can you tell what caught my eye?

No, it wasn’t the racing turkeys or the dragons, although I am curious about those.

Can you guess what day I plan to go to the fair?

My sons got to sing with Rick Springfield!

My older kids went to their first rock concert tonight and Rick Springfield has set the bar really high for future concerts.

When RS sings “Don’t Talk to Strangers,” he often brings kids on stage to sing. A few shows ago, a whole group of kids stood on the stage by the end of the song. This always seems so incredible to me because many of the kids’ moms were probably about that same age when they started listening to Rick Springfield!

Anyway, my boys have watched some of the videos of the kids on stage from recent concerts¬†and we talked before the concert about the possibility of them getting to sing with RS. My 9-year-old had no hesitation about the idea of going on stage, my 7-year-old wasn’t¬† sure – he said he probably wouldn’t want to. ¬†We even got them new cool Star Wars shirts for the occasion – one with a Stormtrooper playing guitar, and one with C3PO playing guitar.

So when RS started singing DTTS, my 9-year-old was singing along and trying to get RS’s attention (the 7-year-old, meanwhile was lying¬†down on¬†the chairs). And bless his heart, RS came over when he was in the audience, climbing on chairs,¬†and let¬†Z¬†sing “Don’t Talk to Strangers” into the microphone.¬†RS¬†asked him to¬†stand on a chair so he could see his shirt and commented on it – the crowd cheered and Z looked around and smiled proudly.¬†RS was so sweet to them – he also asked J to stand up so he could see his shirt. He asked both of their names and ages and Z told him they were brothers. He also encouraged J¬†to sing “Don’t talk to strangers” into the microphone and the audience cheered and applauded afterward¬†–¬†J had a big grin on his face.

We found out afterward that they were on the big screen and as we left the coliseum,¬†several people commented to them that they did a great job and told them how lucky they were to sing with Rick Springfield. “Mommy, are we¬†famous now?” Z asked on our way out. “Does Rick Springfield know me?” As we left the fair, he asked the guards at the exit if they were at the show and told them he got to sing with Rick Springfield and was on the big screen.

Thank you, RS, for giving them such an incredible experience! My husband didn’t want me to stalk you after the concert (something about needing to get the kids home to bed…) so I couldn’t thank you in person, but thank you (in case you happen to read this someday)!

And thanks to the two nice fans that sent me a photo and a video of RS with the kids.

It was fun to hear the boys’¬†comments during the show and to watch¬†them¬†sing along. Every time my 7-year-old recognized a song, he was so excited to tell me which one it was. They also collected rose petals for me each time RS did a petal explosion on stage and my husband scored¬†a “Magnificent Vibration” guitar pick that RS threw out into the audience.


Magnificent Vibration guitar pick – side one

When listening to RS CDs in the car, the kids often want to know what the songs are about. I had told them that he wrote “What Kind of Fool am I?” about his wife back when they were dating. So when RS sang “What Kind of Fool am I?” at the concert, Z asked me, “Why is he singing this now if he is married?” “Because people want to hear it.” “Oh,” he said. “But he doesn’t think that anymore, right?, because they are married now.”


Magnificent Vibration guitar pick – side two: Alice (drawn by RS)

And, during the show, he told me that Springfield is a state. No, but it’s a city, I told him. “Is it named after Rick Springfield?” he asked.

When we got¬†back home after the¬†show, he wanted to continue the conversation about “What Kind of Fool am I?” “Why was she mad at him?” he asked; he sounded very concerned. “Was it because he wanted Jessie’s Girl?”

The night before the concert

The Rick Springfield concert at the Arizona State Fair, a few miles from my house, is tomorrow night! Is RS in Phoenix at this very moment or is he flying in tomorrow? I don’t know. Maybe his plane is flying over my house right now. Am I being a little obsessive? Maybe.

So here we are the night before the concert. I’ve printed out the concert tickets and the fair admission tickets, verified the directions to the fair and how long it will take to get there, found out where to park, confirmed with the babysitter for my youngest son (I arranged a back-up plan, too, just in case), packed special T-shirts I bought for my older sons for the concert, packed earplugs in case it’s too loud for either of them, packed snacks in case they get hungry during the show, packed something for RS to sign in case I get to meet him again, and am doing a few loads of laundry since I’ll be out of town this weekend for the Vegas concert.

This is so much more complicated then the nights before the earlier shows I saw as at teenager – I probably just listened to his albums or cassette tapes over and over again and chatted on the phone with my friends for a couple of hours.

But I’m not complaining!

Back to the future is now the present


When “Back to the Future II” hit movie theaters in November 1989, Oct. 21, 2015 seemed like a¬†long way off. That was the date set in the time machine/DeLorean¬† car¬†when Marty McFly was headed to the future.

I was a college student in Long Beach, California,¬†when the movie was released. I had moved out of my parent’s house right after high school graduation¬†–¬†I couldn’t get out of Arizona fast enough and never expected to move back.

By 1989, Rick Springfield had stepped out of the spotlight and was no longer touring. His “Rock of Life” CD had come out in 1988 and soon after he was injured in an ATV accident that prevented him from touring then he pulled back from his career to spend more time with his wife and young sons. His next CD, “Karma,” would come out a decade later, in 1998.

So if somebody from the future visited me in the movie theater back in November 1989 and told me what I’d be doing on Oct. 21, 2015, I wouldn’t have believed them: I will be at a Rick Springfield concert at the Arizona fairgrounds in Phoenix, a few miles away from home.

Speaking of years, the future year in the 1983 “Human Touch” video is 2016. Who knew that 33 years later, at age 66, RS would still be going out into audiences during his concerts to give his eager fans the “human touch”?

Going to the fair, and bringing the boys

Got tickets today for the Rick Springfield concert at the Arizona State Fair. I sat at the computer with the cursor pointed over the “purchase tickets here” button and¬†clicked¬†as soon as the clock turned 10.

Got third row, the best seats ever!

I planned to go with my husband but after hearing my older sons singing RS songs around the house the past few days, we decided that it¬†would be fun to also bring them. That’s the great thing about a concert at the fair – concert tickets are so pricey these days that I wouldn’t have considered buying tickets for them at a regular show (plus I wouldn’t be able to afford these seats at a regular show) so it’s a great opportunity to bring them to their first Rick Springfield concert. (Actually, it’ll be their first rock concert – they are 7 and 9).

If it was anybody else, I would have just gone with the “free with fair admission” option but, well, obviously, I had to go for the $20 reserved seats. (Did I mention it’s in the THIRD row?)¬† I’m really excited for my husband to see the show, too. He came with me to the Stripped Down show in Tucson earlier this year, but because he plays guitar and really enjoys hearing live music, I know he’ll have a blast at this one, too.

The funny thing is, before this show was announced, I had splurged a little for another show because I didn’t think he’d be coming back to Arizona for a third time this year. I bought tickets for the Vegas show and made arrangements to go with my cousin (who lives there). We always have a great time together and she remembers when my walls were covered with RS posters so I’m thrilled to bring her to her first RS show.

So about two days after I splurged on the concert tickets (not third row, but in the second section) and plane tickets, the free concert at the fair a few miles from my house was announced – the show is five days before the one in Vegas. That means two concerts in one week. Oh well, guess I will just have to live with that. ūüôā