The last laugh

As I was perusing the photos and videos posted from the Rick Springfield fan getaway trip in the Bahamas, I found myself thinking of little Ricky Springthorpe feeling so despondent in his younger years.

RS has written and talked about his struggles with depression and about how he’s felt like a failure when depression hits. I thought about how he probably felt like he wasn’t living up to what people expected of him as a child because he wasn’t successful in school and scholastic achievement is typically how adults measure success in children.

When he was struggling in school and getting reprimanded for spending so much time on music, if only he could have known that decades later he’d be at a resort in the Bahamas with hundreds of women spending thousands of dollars to spend a few days with him and listen to him perform music in a variety of ways – with his band, in an acoustic set on the beach, in a piano bar and in a Beatles tribute band. Hundreds of people singing and dancing along to songs that he wrote. Songs that wouldn’t exist if he would have let those naysayers get to him. These fans also paid hundreds more for some extra time with him – swimming with dolphins or visiting his hotel suite for an intimate musical gathering (with a group of other adoring fans).

That reality probably never crossed his mind. (Or maybe it did, he has quite an imagination…) So there, all you people who gave him a hard time when he was young – the last laugh is on you.

So if anybody reading this is feeling discouraged in their current situation, just remember that there’s always the possibility that things will take a turn in a better direction. And may you experience whatever the equivalent of the resort-beach-Beatles tribute band dream is for you.

#HappyThanksgiving #Donotletothersgetyoudown #Followyourdreams

 Here are some great videos I came across from the fan trip:

“That One,” off of his newest album “Rocket Science,” at the welcome concert: 

At the piano bar singing the classics; here’s one by the King of Rock n’ Roll:

“Something” during the Beatles tribute show:

“Written in Rock,” from the 1985 album “Tao,” at the beach party:

One of the new cover songs he’s added to the set list, “Foxy Lady” at the farewell concert:


Passport through technology

I of course was bummed that I wasn’t able to travel to the Bahamas this week for the Rick Springfield fan getaway, but through the amazingness of technology -and the kindness of fellow RS fans – I feel like I got a little taste of it tonight.

In addition to all the videos that fans posted tonight, there are also clips on Rick Springfield’s own Facebook page: from the soundcheck, from the opening song of the welcome concert – “Living in Oz” – an aftershow piano bar cocktail party with RS singing his songs and Beatles songs (with sharks or really big fish swimming by on the other side of the window) and even a personal message from Rick wishing that I was there! (OK, that’s my 12-year-old self talking, it was really a message to whoever visited his Facebook page. Of course.)

The Rick and the NEWSflash folks – who are so INCREDIBLY kind to share so much cool stuff – even posted more songs from the welcome concert, which included songs from “Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance.” It was SO cool to hear those songs live. And it shows how awesome his band is – they had to learn all these songs!

Also RSandUS, a fan-based site, is posting videos on its YouTube page. You rock!

One bonus of technology is how customized it is. For instance, on my Twitter page for this blog, my feed is a whole lot more fun to read than the depressing news/comments on my personal/work feed this week. Some of the posts on my Facebook feed are the same way. Because these days you can create your own reality based on who you follow on social media, tonight I’m sticking to the RS Facebook fan pages and enjoying a little time in the Bahamas.




On the eve of the election

Tomorrow’s the big day – the culmination of this year’s crazy election season. Crazy isn’t even the right word  – tumultuous, disgusting, frustrating, embarrassing, maddening, tragic, maybe? THESE are our “leaders”?!?!

Anyway, Rick Springfield and friends have the right idea – get out of the country. He and his wife, along with his BFF Doug Davidson and his wife, are on their way to the Bahamas today for the fan getaway. (They posted an adorable pic of the four of them en route). And fans from around the world have already started to head there as well for the trip, which starts Thursday.

For those of us fans not physically heading to the Bahamas this week, we’re on our way mentally. Imagine a Rick Springfield concert with songs you’ve never heard live! And, wait a moment, did he just finish another concert without playing “Jessie’s Girl” and nobody seems to mind? (Not that I don’t still crank up the radio when I hear it, but there are so many other songs I’d like to hear him perform live.) And five days of chances for chance encounters? Wow.

I’m going through some serious withdrawals. Each time the fan club access sends out an email announcement of an upcoming show, there’s those few seconds of anticipation before clicking on the email to see if it’s announcing a concert that doesn’t require an overnight hotel stay or airfare. But nothing local for the past four months. (Has it only been four months? OK, maybe I’m a little premature in complaining.) I’ve enjoyed all the great concert photos and videos people have been posting, but sometimes I get a little carried away, especially if he’s looking into the camera. My first reaction is, “He’s looking at me!” (as I did back in 1983 from my seat in the 16th row looking through binoculars…) and then I remember that not only did I not take the picture, but I wasn’t even there. Darn it.

Do I feel silly having this little obsession in my 40s? Shouldn’t I be a grown-up and go watch some election coverage or something? No. I already mailed in my ballot so now all there is to do is wait for the results, an activity also filled with anticipation. But not the good kind.  Maybe I’ll just go rewatch that video somebody posted of RS singing Jimi Hendrix song “Foxy Lady” at the Nov. 6 show in Fort Myers, Florida. He ROCKED!

To those who are going to the Bahamas this week – wishing you safe travels and an AMAZING time (can you maybe sneak in an extra RS hug for me?)





Wishful thinking 

I just finished helping one of my kids with his math homework and was relaxing on the couch going through the mail when I noticed the above ad in the Costco mailer.

Of course it caught my attention right away because I recognized the building from the Rick Springfield Bahamas fan getaway promotions. I glanced at the dates: Nov. 10-14 (the dates of the fan getaway) are included.

This four-night package – starting at $589 per person would work quite well with the getaway dates, I thought, and look, kids under 11 stay and play free! That’s perfect, because I got three of those.

What a great family vacation, I thought! Even though it wouldn’t include all the cool getaway concerts and activities, I would at least be in the proximity and might hear some of the concerts or even run into RS at the buffet at some point!

I wondered if I could talk my husband into it, because  that’s a pretty cool trip for under $1,200.

My excitement lasted for about two minutes, until it occurred to me that the price didn’t include airfare and we would still need to get the five of us there. And that would increase the price tag by a few thousand dollars.

But it was fun while it lasted.

Singin’ the blues

Although the title of this post would be fitting for how I feel about not having the means to go on the “Rick Springfield and Friends” fan getaway in the Bahamas this November, that’s not what this post is about.

No, it’s about an article that was on today that RS plans to work on a blues album next.

“I love slide guitar, and most people don’t know it because I don’t really play it onstage,” Springfield says. “I play [Hambone Willie Newbern’s] ‘Rollin’ and Tumblin” in my solo show, and I always get guys saying, ‘You should do a blues album.’ And I was thinking about writing something as opposed to just doing copies of blues songs that everybody’s done. I’m all for expanding people’s views, y’know?”

Here’s a video of “Rollin’ and Tumblin’ ” from the Stripped Down show I saw last year (it’s not my video – I found it on YouTube and the video it would be much blurrier if it was mine – but I was in the Fox Tucson Theatre  when it was being filmed and met him briefly after the show.)

When I first heard last year that he was working on a country album, I was a little wary, as I’ve never been a big fan of country music. But “Rocket Science” has become one of my favorite albums of all time.

Since I’m much more a fan of blues than I am country, today’s news is pretty exciting! I wouldn’t say I’m a blues aficionado, but I’ve been fortunate to see B.B. King, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley and Eric Clapton perform live. Plus, my husband is a big blues fan and RS playing the blues is his favorite part of the RS shows he’s seen so maybe he’ll be more eager to go to another one with me in the future.

The Billboard article also talks about the 35th anniversary of “Working Class Dog” (have you seen the collector’s-edition guitar that celebrates that anniversary? It’s really cool-looking and one lucky fan can get it at each show – along with a meet-and-greet – for a mere $2,500.) And of course the article also addresses his upcoming role as Lucifer on “Supernatural.”

And if a full-band tour, a solo tour, a new movie and a role on a popular TV show isn’t enough, apparently he’s headed to Germany next year with the Rock Meets Classic tour – where American rockers perform with a symphony orchestra. Also on the tour are members/former members of The Eagles, Toto, Uriah Heep and Magnum. The tour visits 15 German arenas from March 30 to April 18. RS is listed as a “very special guest.”



Now this looks fun

Five days of Rick Springfield in the Bahamas?! How great is that? And a Beatles tribute band, and Doug Davidson and Terri Nunn (my husband is a fan, so something for him).

Sounds so fun!

Unless a miracle happens, like I sell the screenplay or novel I haven’t written yet or something else wonderful (I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to be able to afford it), I will have to enjoy it vicariously, like the last one. 

(Funny side note noticed by the hopeful part of me that tries to find signs in things – my 7-year-old son, who sang with RS at a concert last fall, had to give a report today on a song from a movie. He chose “Star Wars,” which is used in this Bahamas trip video that was released today. That has to mean something,  right? Right? Hello? OK, never mind.)

The next (and maybe last) fan getaway

When it was announced on the Rick Springfield Facebook page earlier this week that details of the next (and possibly the last) fan getaway would be announced today, I was rooting for Legoland.

Not that I actually thought it would be, of course, but that same day, my kids were telling me that they’d like to go back to Legoland, and this time they’d like to stay in the Legoland Hotel. I would rather go to Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas for an all-inclusive trip that includes Rick Springfield, Rick Springfield concerts, acoustic “Stripped Down” sessions, Q&As, parties and free drinks. But at about $2,000 per person, plus airfare, it’s not possible at this time.

If it was at the Legoland Hotel in California, there’d be no airfare and we could pay for rooms for grandparents and/or babysitters while my husband and I attended the concerts and the parties. Plus there wouldn’t be the guilt of spending nearly $6,000 on a vacation for the two of us after telling our kids that one night at Legoland Hotel is just too expensive.

Of course there are other options. If my husband or I apply now, maybe we could get a job at an airline in the next few weeks and by next November we’d have accrued vacation time and free airfare. Or we could relocate to the Bahamas and get a job at Atlantis Paradise Island through Nov. 10-14. Or we could start a GoFundMe page. No, trying to raise money to attend a fan getaway doesn’t seem appropriate. Maybe I should start playing the lottery.


Hey, RS, there’s a cool Star Wars exhibit made from LEGOs. If you do decide to do one more after next year, how about Legoland Fan Getaway 2017?