Rocket Science CD

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One of the bonuses of the CD is the liner notes! It’s a little booklet with stories about each of the songs. Whoo-hoo! And they are really funny.

Between listening to the CD in the car and the digital version at work, I’ve listened to most of the songs several times today – some more than others. It is such a GREAT CD!! The ones I’ve listened to more than others: “Found” “Beautiful Inside.” Immediately liked “That One,” “The Best Damn Thing,” “Miss Mayhem,” “Crowded Solitude” and “We Connect.” After a couple of tries, I started to really like “Pay It Forward.”

I’m not counting “Light This Party Up,” “Down” or “Let Me In” because I’ve heard them all so many times – but I really like all of them. Haven’t had a chance to listen to “Mercy” (one of the Best Buy bonus tracks) very much yet but it’s catchy, as is “(I Wish I Had a) Concrete Heart.”

It’s so great to finally hear “Walkin’ In,” and the funny thing is that I could already sing along because a few months ago when somebody posted the version he played at the Club Med piano bar, I played it over and over again to get the lyrics. And then one day it disappeared, but I still have the lyrics so I’ll share them here. I think they’re accurate except there are a couple of lines I’m still not sure about:

Walkin’ In

Didn’t want to see your taillights
Pulling out of my drive
Reading me my rights
At 2 a.m.
Didn’t want to be the phone call
Didn’t want to be the stone wall
You crashed your heart into, here I go again (?)

Don’t tell me I like goodbyes
Tell the tears standing in my eyes
I love walking in
I hate walking out
But there’s no way to fix
What’s broken now
It’s such a sin
No one learns about about

I love walking in
I hate walking out

I remember your skin
Shining in the mornin’
Your smile against my lips
Your body warm from the sun
I miss that we were once forever
I miss you waking up in my sweater
I hope you find somebody better
I guess I’m not the one

There’s so much that I can’t forget
Looks like I was a sucker’s bet
I love walking in
I hate walking out
I crossed that ridge and burnt that bridge
It’s over now
It’s such  a sin
No one learns about

I love walking in
I hate walking out

I wish we could go back and make it work somehow
We can only do what heaven will allow
I know I’m too late to say this now
But I’m gonna miss you

I love walking in
I hate walking out
But there’s no way to fix what’s broken now
It’s such a sin no one learns about

I love walking in
I hate walking out
I love walking in
I hate walking out.

RS: Walkin’ In and Mercy

Not sure how I missed this the other day – or maybe it’s been added since then – but the official RS site – – lists “Walkin’ In” and “Mercy” as bonus songs on a version of “Rocket Science” that is only available through Best Buy.

I’ve been searching for information about “Walking In” (with a “g”) for months, ever since somebody posted a video of him playing it at Club Med and then removed it days later after I got most of the words down –  I still find myself singing it often, even though I’m not sure if the words are right.

So apparently there’s a standard version of “Rocket Science” with 13 songs, then a bonus track on the iTunes version and then two bonus tracks on the Best Buy version.

So I guess this means I’m going to have to get the Best Buy version since I want to hear “Walkin’ In.” But then again “Beautiful Inside” sounds like a nice song, too, so I guess I’ll need that version, too. I haven’t given any thought to “Mercy” yet since I didn’t even know that existed until about an hour ago.