The resurgence of ‘Bruce’

With the recent news of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, all of a sudden there’s activity on Twitter about Rick Springfield’s 1980s song “Bruce,” a humorous look about him being confused with Bruce Springsteen. Somebody posted this video, which is so fun to watch – switching back and forth from photographs/posters I remember from 30 years ago (some of which I remember hanging in my bedroom as a teen) to current photographs (which are not hanging in my bedroom – my husband wouldn’t appreciate that).

Maybe because its getting late and I’m tired, but watching the video also kind of messed with my brain a little. Flashing back and forth between decades was a little emotional, as each photograph brought a different reaction. 1970s RS was before my time so although I had “Beginnings” as a teen, he didn’t look like that by the time I discovered him. Photos of 1980s RS brings back feelings of sweet nostalgia – he was just so cute and it’s weird to think he was more than 10 years younger than I am now (it makes my brain hurt trying to comprehend that). The most recent photos brought me the greatest warm fuzzies (do you remember that story? They are the opposite of the cold pricklies.) I think it’s because that’s the RS he is today. And the younger RS hadn’t yet experienced all the soul-searching or self-discovery that made him who he is now.

And by the way, I never understood how anybody could confuse RS with Bruce Springsteen (no disrespect intended, but I just don’t get it.)