Rick Springfield fandom in the 1980s vs. today

Here are some memories from being a teenage Rick Springfield fan in the 1980s:

tiger beat-1

Checking the magazine stand at the neighborhood drugstore to see if the current issue of Tiger Beat, 16 Magazine or Bop was there so I could add another Rick Springfield poster to my wall.

Taking numerous babysitting jobs for families who had cable so I could watch MTV once the kids were in bed in hopes that a Rick Springfield video would come on.

Camping out overnight in line at the local mall with friends to buy tickets for a Rick Springfield concert.

Locking my bedroom door with a “Taping” sign taped outside then listening to Casey Kasem’s Top 40 countdown with a microphone plugged into a cassette tape recorder, ready to tape certain songs off the radio.

Hoping to meet RS after the concert, waiting for a glimpse after the house lights come on but after watching “Live and Kickin'” realizing that he was likely whisked away in a limo right after the encore and feeling incredibly disappointed.

Being a Rick Springfield fan in 2014:

Finding videos and interviews online that I can watch at home whenever I want.

Finding many RS songs from his past 17 albums online and listen to them at any time; and usually finding the lyrics, too.

Waiting for concert tickets to go on sale then buy them at my computer the second they go on sale and print them out – with the whole process taking less than five minutes.

Having the opportunity to purchase a sound check pass before the show or a meet and greet opportunity after the show.

Keeping up with his life on a daily basis – at least his touring/acting life – through Facebook, Twitter and online interviews.

Being a Rick Springfield fan in 2015:

Watching him perform live in concert at a venue across the country nearly every night of his tour – both through a live-stream on his Facebook page and through concert-attendees’ phones via Periscope.

What’s next?

How about a 3D live-stream concert?

What a year

RS year.jpg

What a year it has been in Rick Springfield’s life.

Since I began this blog a year ago today, I’ve been following his life pretty closely (online, through social media and interviews, I should probably clarify). At first it was mainly catching up on all the things I missed during the 15 years I hadn’t kept track of his work (got busy with work, getting married, having 3 kids, you know – life). I read his memoir and his novel, listened to his CDs since “Karma,” watched a documentary about him and his fans, caught up on past interviews, watched his guest spots on various TV shows, etc.

When I started writing this blog, it was a way to examine my “crush” on RS and involved going through my diary from junior high and my journals in the years that followed to find details about this crush in those pages. As I continued it, I realized that I really hoped that RS would someday see it so he’d have an idea the kind of impact he’s had on his fans. (Since then, I’ve learned that there are many, many other stories from other fans, too). Going through my journals led me on other personal journeys that I won’t go into detail about here, but this past year of RS sure provided lots of material to write about for this blog!

These include working on a new album, the “butt trial,” concert tours (full-band and Stripped Down, which I was fortunate enough to see both and meet him briefly afterward both times), his Club Med fan trip, Country Music Awards skit, “True Detective” and “Ricki and the Flash.”

Because I just can’t resist a good year-end countdown (maybe a result of listening to Casey Kasem’s Top 40 every weekend during my formative years?), here is a list of the 10 blog posts (out of nearly 100) that received the most views this past year (not counting the home page, which had the most views):

10: New songs for the new year

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8: What a new RS album means

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6: VIDEO: My Rick Springfield Crush Revival and Rickamania (TIE)

5: Yes, it’s makeup. (a True Detective-related post)

4: Questions for RS Stripped Down Tour Q & A

3: A brief crossing of paths (a post about when I met RS this past March)

2: 7 reasons to adore Rick Springfield even more after Syracuse trial

And the post that received the most views this past year is:

1: A new look for Rick Springfield (a True Detective-related post)

Although there wasn’t much interaction from readers, I hope that people enjoyed it – I know I enjoyed writing it! Since the number of views grew from 327 in 2014 (August through December) to more than 2,840 so far this year, obviously the interest in finding out what RS is up to these days has increased with all the work he has done lately. I’m sure the number of people who randomly click on this blog will increase even more in the weeks that follow because of “Ricki and the Flash.”

It’s exciting to see all the wonderful press about RS this past week in relation to the movie and I hope it only continues for this and future projects.

I’m not sure how much more I’ll be writing here – school starts this week and now that my youngest is starting kindergarten, that means homework x3 – and I have some projects that I plan to start working on. But I have two more RS concerts scheduled for the fall so hopefully that means there will be more stories to tell!