A mysterious message from Germany

This mysterious message appeared across RS social media sites yesterday, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

This is a sweet distraction from real life, which is a bit crazy at the moment, so I embraced the distraction.

What could this be? Will he be performing one of his new songs live? Will he be performing a song in German? When he says “Saturday afternoon,” what does he mean by that? There’s a nine-hour difference between Phoenix and Berlin so afternoon in Berlin is  pretty early in the morning here. Hmmm… It’s about 1 a.m. in Berlin as I am writing this so we should probably get an update in a few hours…

OK, that sounded a little neurotic, I realize that. But RS crushes are apparently all the rage these days so it’s OK.

Actress Helen Hunt recently shared her attempt at dating RS back in the 1980s:

And apparently Kellyanne Conway, adviser to President Trump, also had a thing for RS, revealing in her high school yearbook that she was destined to kiss Rick Springfield at least once.

Anyway, it’s been fun following the “Rock Meets Classic” tour in Germany via social media. Some of the Google-translated stories are pretty amusing, too, such as this one, titled:

How the old sings… In the ‘Rock Meets Classic,’ well-dressed rock stars can once again celebrate some of their old hits. Not everyone has passed the past decades well.”

And how does RS hold up in that reporter’s eyes?

“But as Rick Springfield has managed to keep himself as slim, wiry and agile at the age of 67, his secret remains. In him the tooth of time has forgotten to gnaw….”

Oh, and one more thing before I sign off for now – there was an incredible flashback in time posted on the Rick and the NEWSflash Facebook page today: The audio of that little record that was included in the Fan Club package in 1982. I played it on the stereo of my car as I drove to pick up my kids from school and listening to it literally brought tears to my eyes. I most likely haven’t listened to it for more than 30 years and I was overwhelmed by the idea of listening to that message that I had received in the mail so long ago. When you think about it, it’s rather mind-blowing. He recorded a record in the Sound City Studios right before “Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet” was released and at some point in the 80s I heard it for the last time. And then the next time I hear it, it’s coming out of my car radio on Bluetooth from my cell phone as I’m picking up my kids from school. Where did the time go?

Update: As I was writing this, this update was posted:


I’ve experienced a few crushes over the course of my lifetime. If I had to chart them on a graph of my life, they would start showing up around third grade, gradually increase then surge in junior high, both due to boys at my school that I would never actually talk to and those featured on the pages of Teen Beat and 16 Magazine (primarily of RS, as you may have guessed, but others, too).

They’d remain steady through high school and then once I hit college, the crushes decreased a bit. By then I would often start dating them and once you start dating a crush, they usually lose their crush status because at that point, the idealized view fades as you get to know them as a real person. (It’s difficult for crushes to live up to those idealized views because they are of course real people with faults and things that may drive you crazy if you have to actually spend time with them.)

If you’re lucky, you find somebody who you still feel strongly about even after the idealized view wanes.

But still, sometimes it’s fun to have a crush and just feel like a 15-year-old again with those intense feelings. And if it’s somebody that you’ll likely never actually meet (and if you do, you’d be too nervous to actually form a coherent sentence anyway), you don’t have to worry about any of the conflicts that may arise.

Crushes can also make you a little crazy sometimes, because they’re usually unrequited so for fun, I dug a little into my inner crazy to write this song: “Crushed.”

(Click here for lyrics.)

VIDEO: My Rick Springfield Crush Revival

A few months ago, I wrote a song to summarize “My Rick Springfield Crush Revival” and this past weekend, I decided to try to make a video out of it. So I recorded it (on a tape recorder at home) and experimented with the Movie Maker program that came with my computer.

Disclaimer: I have no illusions about being a great singer or guitarist but I did have fun making it! The video – and this blog – is dedicated to my teenage self who would have enjoyed doing these types of things if the technology had existed at the time.

I hope you enjoy it!

The lyrics are here.

My evenings with Rick Springfield

I’ve spent a few evenings with Rick Springfield over the past couple of weeks. Although it’s been a one-sided conversation – him reading his audiobook on a CD and me listening to it as I cook and wash dishes in my kitchen  – it’s been enjoyable nonetheless.

I already read his memoir, “Late, Late at Night,” but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to listen to him read it, too. I wonder what it was like to record all those hours of intimate details – I’m guessing it was a rather emotional, yet cathartic experience. I really admire his honesty in what he revealed – what a life he has led!

After I started listening to his book, I’ve also been curious about my fascination with this man. What makes a person feel a connection with somebody they don’t know and what has made it last so long? I pondered this concept over the past couple of weeks and wrote this song. It has a melody but my guitar playing is rusty so I’m just including the lyrics here.

My Rick Springfield Crush Revival

I thought I was through with my teen-fantasy phase
When his music and image dominated my days
But one morning in my 40s I awoke to find
It was merely lying dormant all of this time

My Rick Springfield crush revival
I can’t explain this sudden arrival
My Rick Springfield crush revival
It’s like I’m 13 again

From a fan club to posters
Covering my wall
Cassettes and records
Completely enthralled
Now it’s Facebook and YouTube
And sometimes a tweet
Does he post them himself?
If so, that’s so sweet

My Rick Springfield crush revival
I’m moved by his lyrics and his stunning smile
My Rick Springfield crush revival
It’s like I’m 13 again

I’ve screamed at his concerts, watched him on TV
Autographed album and Karma CD
Met him for a moment, yes we shared the same space
I’m sure that I had a silly grin on my face

His audiobook brought his voice to my ear
Sharing intimate details of which I wasn’t aware
Spent hours together as the CD spun round
Though I lowered the volume when my kids were around.

My Rick Springfield crush revival
So many years later, he still inspires
My Rick Springfield crush revival
It’s like I’m 13 again.

Update: Here’s a recording of the song – February 2015


A wall in my bedroom, circa 1980s.