Videos from the ’80s cruise

As promised, I found some videos from the cruise on YouTube and am posting them here for your weekend viewing pleasure. Thank you to those who posted!


Two years ago tonight my kids sang with Rick Springfield

No biggie, just my teen crush singing one of his songs with two of my sons. šŸ˜šŸ˜ƒ

Two years ago tonight at the Arizona State Fair. Such a weird time-warp experience. The guy on my teenage wall singing “Don’t Talk to Strangers” first on a record album in my teenage room and then decades later sharing a microphone with two of my boys.

Have I mentioned that he’ll be in town again this week? Yes, on that same stage as seen in that video. But I won’t be there this time. šŸ˜’

But there will likely be other lucky kids singing there this Friday night, continuing the tradition. To those going, have fun!