RS: ‘Down’

The official audio of “Down” from Rocket Science was released today. Whoo-hoo!

The country influence he’s mentioned about this new album can definitely be heard here (there’s a little country twang here and there, which wasn’t as evident in the live version), but it’s a great song!

As RS has mentioned in the past, he wrote the song with Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts on a tour bus during a snowstorm.

The lyrics gathered from the live shows weren’t too far off (see this post from September when I tried to decipher the lyrics) but there are still some I’m not 100 percent sure about.

I wonder what song will be next?

(Wow, his fans are so demanding…)

: )

Happy birthday, Rick Springfield – 33×2

As I mentioned last year at this time, Aug. 23 is an international holiday to Rick Springfield fans around the world.

Since junior high, I’ve always thought “That’s Rick Springfield’s birthday!” any time I hear the date Aug. 23. And last year and this year, I’ve marked the occasion by listening to all night Springfield Saturday Night Specials – hours and hours of Rick Springfield music – first by Rowdy Ron then followed by Mark Davis, who is in Melbourne (That original demo for “Jessie’s Girl” was especially cool, Mr. Davis).

So, now Rick Springfield is 66 years old! And still rocking, acting, writing. Many people see age 65 as a time to retire from their career and RS seems to be going as strong as ever, trying and succeeding at new things each year. Pretty incredible!

There’s also something really cool about RS and the number 66, that I just realized. 66 is 33×2 and it’s been 33 years since 1982 when he was 33 and hit it big with “Jessie’s Girl” (and gained millions of new admirers who continue to be fans today) and now here he is 33 years later at age 66, having an extremely successful year in music, movies and TV, a “renaissance,” as some may say. I’m not really sure what the significance of these numbers are, but it feels significant.

Happy birthday, RS!! And thanks for live-streaming parts of your Hershey concert on your Facebook page (especially your new song “Down” – what a nice surprise – can’t wait to hear the new “Rocket Science” album in January!).

(Update: A funny little note regarding the 33×2 mention above – he posted on his FB page today that he’s touring in a tour bus for this current tour – for the first time since the ’80s. See, history is repeating itself. Only for the good stuff, though, I hope.)

(Another update, as of Aug. 24: The video of “Down” seems to have been removed from the Facebook page. Big bummer, since I was still trying to decipher all the lyrics, but it was still great to hear it. It just means I may be singing the wrong lyrics for a few months, which is probably also what I am doing with “Walking In.”)