Dreams can be so weird

I assume there hasn’t been any official study on the number of times Rick Springfield appears in dreams each week, but I’ll bet he makes several appearances.

Last night, I got to spend a few minutes with him in my dream. We spoke for a few minutes, although I don’t remember the details, and he drew me a picture and wrote me a little note. I also got the scoop on a new upcoming role. According to my dream, his next role will be as the Cheetos cheetah (I looked it up after I woke up and the name of the Cheetos mascot is Chester Cheetah, in case you were wondering.).

Besides the fact that they both wear high-top tennis shoes and sunglasses, I’m not really sure where that came from, but sometimes you just can’t explain dreams.

NOTE: The material in this blog post came from a dream and is NOT based in reality. There has been NO indication at all that RS will indeed be reprising the role of Chester Cheetah and it is highly unlikely.

A subconscious fix

Maybe it’s the combination of all the social media posts of people at Rick Springfield concerts – and meeting RS before or after the show – or maybe it’s some deep-rooted withdrawal symptom since I haven’t been to a RS concert since July, but I was able to get a subconscious fix last night.

If it’s true that people share dreams and visit each other’s dreams, RS’s dream schedule is as busy as his tour schedule because he makes appearances in many of his fans’ dreams.

Last night I showed up at a venue at the last minute and there he was walking by himself through the lobby. He looked like he was in a hurry, but  apparently I’m much bolder in my dreams than in real life because this time I approached him. (Not like the past spring where I saw him in the lobby of the hotel I was staying in and walked by him and his band, although I did so at the encouragement of my husband, as he’s not into the whole stalking thing.) He hesitantly stopped, but I got a hug. Then he went into another room and visited with some kids and then on his way out, there I was again and this time I got another hug and I FINALLY got a chance to ask him if he’s seen this  blog. He laughed and I got a longer hug, although in retrospect, he didn’t actually answer me. Then he  had to go start his show, which I didn’t have tickets to.

I found my older son, who was at the venue with me but hadn’t been with me in the lobby, and I told him I just met RS again. “Cool,” he said. Then I decided that even though the show would end after his bedtime, we’d go get tickets and stay for the concert anyway. But unfortunately it was too late – the box office was closed. So we stood outside and watched – RS was just a few rows in front of us, in the audience singing a song I hadn’t heard before (it sounded more like a show tune than one of his songs). We stood and watched and then the doors were closed.

My analysis: 1. I needed a Rick fix, so my brain gave me one to appease me. 2. I really want to be a part of the Bahamas fan trip, but the “doors are closed.” 3. I REALLY want to know whether or not he has read this blog.

Funny coincidences and a nice dream

Have you ever had something on your mind and then you start noticing all these “coincidences” related to it? That’s what happened to me this weekend.

On Friday, as I was cleaning the kitchen, I was listening to a Rick Springfield playlist on Spotify. Then I had to run to Party City to get some “Star Wars” party goods for my youngest son’s birthday party. It’s only about a 10-minute drive and in the middle of the drive, “Jessie’s Girl” came on the radio.

Then yesterday, I saw photos on a RS Facebook page that somebody posted from the RS concert Meet and Greet and RS was wearing a “Star Wars” T-shirt. Because of the time difference between where the concert was and where I was, the photo may have been taken around the same time I was looking for the “Star Wars” party goods.

Then today at the birthday party, which was at a nearby park, one of the kids pulled a shoe out of the lake – it was a red Converse shoe (Converse is RS’s shoe of choice).

And now on to my dream last night.

I was at some kind of party and was leaving in a white car with other people. As we neared the parking lot exit, there was a crowd of people standing around some tables and I noticed Rick Springfield was there. With a quick word of explanation to the person driving the car, I jumped out and walked over to the crowd. RS was sitting in a chair and there were people around him but he looked at me and mouthed, “I saw the blog.” I smiled but didn’t really know what to say. Then as he moved his way through the crowd, he gave me a big hug and then continued on his way.

That made my night! Then I left to find my ride home.

Of course I have no proof of this because, one, since I jumped out of the car, I didn’t have my phone or a camera with me. And two, because it was a dream. Still nice, though!

Dreamt a little dream

Apparently my subconscious mind is now saturated by all the Rick Springfield interviews I’ve been watching/reading lately, as he was in my dream last night. In it we just met and were walking to a studio to record a song (a dream within a dream!). I was very excited, a little nervous and he was very nice.

Then the next part I remember, I was in an airport terminal and was worried because I didn’t remember bringing my luggage from the hotel to the airport. But somebody assured me that I had taken care of it. There were rows of record albums lined up between the rows of chairs of travelers waiting for their flight – like in a record store –  so I found the “S” section and was looking for the new RS album so I could ask him to sign it. But I only found a few copies of “Working Class Dog” but it wasn’t the actual WCD cover, instead there was a different dog on the cover – there was a brown background and the close-up of a distinguished-looking dog’s face. I think it may have been Gomer. I wanted to ask someone working there if they had the new album yet but it wasn’t clear who was working there. I do remember seeing one of the first albums I had though, Shaun Cassidy’s solo album, the one that had the song “Da Doo Ron Ron.”