Cotton candy and other random pieces of information I have learned

On the way to pick up my kids from school, a promo came on the radio for this weekend’s Rick Springfield concert at the Arizona State Fair. It was advertising a contest for third-row tickets and the sound clip was RS saying, “I love cotton candy.”

So that’s something else that will involuntarily be filed in the Rick Springfield folder somewhere inside my brain. He likes cotton candy. (So which of you fans will be bringing state fair cotton candy to give him during the show?)

I’ve also noticed that in recent pictures he’s drinking beer instead of red wine. He likes dogs, all kinds of dogs. He loves the Beatles and wants to perform with Paul McCartney. The shoes he wears most often are Converse. His favorite movie was “A Clockwork Orange” (or at least it was at one time – I remember because I watched it years ago after reading that he liked it. Weird movie.)

So I have all these random little pieces of information about him stored in my brain. To some degree I blame it on all those teen magazines I used to read when I was a teen and from reading so much information about him in my formative years, such as this bio sheet from sometime in the 1980s. (Maybe from the fan club)?:

bio sheet

I can’t keep up with my email and often forget my passwords, but for some reason RS information, including lyrics, stays in my head. Even though there was a decade or so when I didn’t think about it, apparently my internal RS folder was never discarded.

Fan club

I was a proud member of the Rick Springfield Fan Club when I was 13. I had the little record with the scratched in message on the center and whatever else I received as a member (unfortunately all of that is long gone).

But when I found out that there was still a RS fan club in 2014 – when I “rediscovered” Rick Springfield – I didn’t bother joining. After all, I’m friggin’ in my 40s now – who joins a fan club in their 40s? (No disrespect meant to those who are, it just wasn’t really my thing.) Plus from what I gathered, there wasn’t much happening except for pre-sale tickets to shows and I wasn’t financially in the position to do much traveling anyway (still not, but forever hopeful to be someday – but not with anything bad happening to allow me to do so, only good things). So I just followed RS on Facebook, Twitter and the fan pages to get my fill. (And caught up on music and interviews online and read his books and saw him in concert five times.)

But then late last month there was news on a RS Facebook fan page that RS posted a diary entry on the site. What?! What did he say?! I scanned the posts, but people were pretty tight-lipped about it. And then a couple days ago, it happened again.

Well, I couldn’t take it, I had to join. So now, $49.95 later, I just caught up on the past 10 years of entries. There’s so much that I would like to say, but I can’t because it’s supposed to be only for members and it wouldn’t be right to divulge it, but wow, so glad I signed up. I just joined last night, read until about 1 a.m. and finished up today even though I have so much to do in preparation for a Passover seder at our house tomorrow night. All I can say is that it’s like a prequel and sequel for “Late, Late at Night.” Thank you, RS, for sharing so much of yourself and for being so open with your fans.

I noticed that until last month, the last entry was in November 2014, a few months after I started this blog and about a week before I bought tickets to my first RS show in 15 years. There’s something cool about that timing, but I’m not sure exactly what. Hopefully he’ll continue to post diary entries there. It’s so cool that he has this connection with his fans. I really wish I could go to the fan event in November, especially about hearing about how great the past ones have been.

One last thing here – in the spirit of past blog posts, and with the loss of Prince yesterday (my little tribute is here) – I just wanted to get this out in case RS stumbles across this blog someday: Thank you, RS, for sharing so much of yourself with the world, for your great music, your honesty and for the inspiration. XO.