A note from the past

As I was going through old journals these past few days, I came across this poem, written in May 1988:

For the person in my future
I hope you’re doing well
I hope what I have done
Will help your dreams become fulfilled

To the person I become
I hope you’ll remember me fondly
Remember you were once me
And I felt just as strongly

I hope that my mistakes
Have been of help, my friend
I’m wishing you my luck
To be with you till the end.


It’s strange to think how much has changed since then – not only in my own life but in the world. As I wrote this in a red college-ruled Mead notebook, what would I have thought if somebody would have told me, “‘Twenty-six years from now, this will be on a blog devoted to Rick Springfield and anyone in the world who has access to the Internet will be able to read it.”

I would have had no idea what that meant.