What happened in Vegas

Maybe it was because Rick Springfield was on my mind as I got off the plane in Vegas, but the first thing I noticed was the sign on the “Victoria’s Secret” store (that’s the name of the first song on the 2008 “Venus in Overdrive” album). Then I noticed a mural about Sydney as I was waiting for the tram (that’s the city where he was born). And when my cousin and I got in the car on the way to the concert, she turned on the ’80s station on Sirius and “I’ve Done Everything for You” was playing.

I made the trip to Vegas for my fourth RS concert this year – the most recent one was just a few days before at the20151025_215914 Arizona State Fair where my kids got to sing “Don’t Talk to Strangers” with him. After the two shows earlier in the year – one a full-band show and one part of his Stripped Down tour – I met him briefly both times. So I was hopeful that there’d be another RS encounter at some point during this trip, too. I figured it would most likely be during “Human Touch,” the point in the show where he comes out into the audience, walking on chairs, being supported by fans, taking photos, giving hugs and sometimes being grabbed by fans (I got a little “human touch” at the Phoenix show: as he walked away, I reached out and gently touched his arm – whoo-hoo!).

My seat was in the second section, right on the 20151025_204301aisle. There was also an aisle right in front of me, as it was just behind where the sound guys do their thing. That would leave two empty aisles for him to walk through during “Human Touch.”

The other cool thing about my seat was that the second section was slightly elevated from the first section and since I was in the center, I was literally standing right in front of RS (although about 20 rows back, not like the third row at the fair). Here’s what my view looked like (in the non-zoomed in parts):

(By the way, an update from my previous post –  somebody else Periscoped from the concert and I realized that I must not have a good phone for it because mine are always blurry and unzoomable and hers came out great, really clear and zooming in and out.)

When he got to “Human Touch,”  he went out into the audience and I was telling my cousin – it was her first RS show – that lately I’ve seen videos where he walks around the entire venue so there was a good chance he’d come our way. But then he didn’t. In fact, he never came out of that first section. It was so disappointing to see him heading back to the stage without leaving the first section – but we wouldn’t know why until the following day.

But the night was still young and at that time, there was still a chance for an RS encounter after the show so I was still hopeful and enjoyed the rest of the AWESOME show. Here’s one of the songs in the encore: “I’ll Make You Happy.”

After the show, we hung out in the lobby for a few minutes. The doors were closed but some other people were still standing around – I quickly noticed they all had big stickers on their clothes. I thought that maybe if we were really quiet, nobody would notice we were there and maybe RS would walk in before anybody asked for passes. No such luck.They were lined up by the stairs and were told to show their passes as they walked up the stairs. One of the guards asked of we had passes and we (OK, I), sadly said, No, and we were told to leave.

After we walked outside the lobby, I noticed this:


Before the show, we met up with some “Rick Chicks” in a bar next to The Joint for drinks and had a nice time talking with them. We met up with some of them after the show and hung out at the bar next to the venue – the guitarist and drummer from RS’s band were there so we thought maybe he’d come by when he was done with the Meet and Greet. A little later, people walked by with boxed guitars and smiles on their faces. But no RS. It was about 12:30 a.m. around this time and my cousin looked pretty tired so I told her we could go. We stopped at The Beatles display and I thought hey, maybe there’s a chance he’d come by to see it, too. Nope. Then I thought maybe let’s go try the bar one more time to see if he came out. Nope. OK, we can go. OK, let’s just try one more time. Nope. Then I realized it was just not meant to be this time and we left.

Although it was a great show and I had such a fun time with my cousin, there was a heavy feeling of disappointment that I didn’t get to cross paths with RS one more time. After all, I have no more concerts planned and the chance of being in the same place at the same time with him was unlikely. Of course that didn’t stop me from looking for him at the airport the next morning.

It wasn’t until the next day, in the afternoon after I was back in Phoenix, that I saw the Facebook post that explained the shortened “Human Touch.” There was a photo of his leg with bloody gashes and the post said:

“During ‘Human Touch’ last night, a portion of the show where Rick likes to come out in to the audience and see everyone up close, an overzealous fan pulled Rick backwards and he lost his balance, fell into the seats and this is the result. Not cool. We’d just like to remind everyone to be courteous not only to Rick, but to other fans during the show. Don’t be THAT person.”

There haven’t been any updates – though there was an announcement that tomorrow night’s show was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts, but not sure if it’s related. After knowing what happened, the jump he did in the “I’ll Make You Happy” video now makes me wince – that must have hurt – but from the way he continued on with the show, it wasn’t apparent at all that he was in pain. It’s disappointing that adults would act so out of control – hopefully the injury wasn’t as bad as it looked and RS heals quickly.

(And happy 31st anniversary to him and his wife today.)

Going to the fair, and bringing the boys

Got tickets today for the Rick Springfield concert at the Arizona State Fair. I sat at the computer with the cursor pointed over the “purchase tickets here” button and clicked as soon as the clock turned 10.

Got third row, the best seats ever!

I planned to go with my husband but after hearing my older sons singing RS songs around the house the past few days, we decided that it would be fun to also bring them. That’s the great thing about a concert at the fair – concert tickets are so pricey these days that I wouldn’t have considered buying tickets for them at a regular show (plus I wouldn’t be able to afford these seats at a regular show) so it’s a great opportunity to bring them to their first Rick Springfield concert. (Actually, it’ll be their first rock concert – they are 7 and 9).

If it was anybody else, I would have just gone with the “free with fair admission” option but, well, obviously, I had to go for the $20 reserved seats. (Did I mention it’s in the THIRD row?)  I’m really excited for my husband to see the show, too. He came with me to the Stripped Down show in Tucson earlier this year, but because he plays guitar and really enjoys hearing live music, I know he’ll have a blast at this one, too.

The funny thing is, before this show was announced, I had splurged a little for another show because I didn’t think he’d be coming back to Arizona for a third time this year. I bought tickets for the Vegas show and made arrangements to go with my cousin (who lives there). We always have a great time together and she remembers when my walls were covered with RS posters so I’m thrilled to bring her to her first RS show.

So about two days after I splurged on the concert tickets (not third row, but in the second section) and plane tickets, the free concert at the fair a few miles from my house was announced – the show is five days before the one in Vegas. That means two concerts in one week. Oh well, guess I will just have to live with that. 🙂

Flashback to 1999 concert

I noticed a box on the top shelf in the garage marked “Notebooks” and found one of my notebooks from 1999, in which I wrote about the Sunset Station concert in Vegas that year. I went with my best friend from high school, who I will be going to the concert with this year in March.

Here’s what I wrote about the concert:

“Sunset Station around 8. Woman let us in right away, no standing in line. Rainbow wristband, front section.”

[Then I drew a little diagram of the stage, with three areas marked. 1, 2 and “10th row – started here.”]

“After show started, tried 1 but speakers were RIGHT there and it was TOO loud. So went to 2 which was in the middle of stage (aisle). Worked way to front by middle of concert.”

During Human Touch: “For about 2 split seconds, I held both of his hands in mine. Woo!”

“Only pissed off one chick while making my way to the front. She stood stiffly with her elbows in my sides. But woman with big hairspray-smelling long curly hair stood in front of me so I had to lean to the left. Tore a leaf off a bouquet he threw but shared with Beth and another girl who couldn’t reach.

After concert, waited a bit but no “meet and greet” announcement (missed him at Tower Records earlier in day).

In casino, his band was hanging out where we were – near craps tables. Told Beth that my friend Wendy said she knew Dave (guitar player). Had a couple beers so we went up to him and I asked him if he knew her. He said the name sounded familiar. I described her and he mentioned her working with [name of other musician here]. Yep. Then he gave me his phone number to give to her and said I and Beth could also call him. I got the phone number of Rick Springfield’s guitarist! Wow! Tim Pierce played also – his guitarist from the 80s (hadn’t played together in 15 years). Walked by him in the band and said good show.”

Back to today:

What?!! I had the phone number for Rick Springfield’s guitarist?!  Well, I never called and as far as I know, I no longer have the piece of the leaf either. And I guess I should feel bad for moving my way to the front but sorry, I would probably do it again if I had the chance to be that close to the stage and have another two seconds…

Is that wrong?