OK, just a quick “Wow, that’s weird” post.

For those who read “Late, Late at Night,” you know the significance of the number 21, right?

OK, so tonight I was at a really fun fundraiser where tables competed against each other in a trivia contest. My husband and I were at table #21 (out of 27 tables). Not only did our table totally win the game – and the prize –  but the one raffle ticket I bought also won one of the prizes (and I rarely win anything).

The game was played on a large screen and when it was going through the rules of the game, one of the last lines said, “It’s not rocket science.”


Rick Springfield by osmosis

I’ve been writing this blog for about a year now and while I enjoy writing it and hope that other RS fans enjoy it, I don’t really share it very much with people in my everyday life because, well, maybe because I realize it can sound a little obsessive at times and with all my other obligations, I’m not too sure they would understand why I devote so much time to it.

So a few people I know are aware of my RS crush but besides maybe talking about it too much with those truly near and dear to me, it doesn’t come up very often. But lately something’s changed.

AARP Table of Contents: Aug-Sept. 2015 issue

AARP Table of Contents: Aug-Sept. 2015 issue

One of my co-workers brought me her AARP magazine because she saw Rick Springfield in it. My sister admitted that when she recently flew into town for a visit, she found herself looking around for RS at the airport because she thought maybe if she saw him, she would invite him to dinner to surprise me.

Then she went on a date to a restaurant that had a wall covered with cassette tapes and texted me the following picture:


Two funny notes about this picture, taken in a Phoenix restaurant: 1. In high school, a girl in my guitar class traded me any Rick Springfield posters in her magazines for the Alex Van Halen pictures in mine and 2. Quarterflash was the opening act for my first RS concert (see the two cassette tapes right under the RS tape). Kinda funny.

A few weeks ago I convinced someone who loves music and dogs and suffers from depression to read “Late, Late at Night.” He not only loved it, but it transformed him into a big RS fan who has since spent hours listening to his music/watching live performance videos and is now waiting for him to come to town so he can see him in concert.

And lastly, my dad and his girlfriend went to see “Ricki and the Flash” last weekend and they both enjoyed it.

I guess appreciation for RS’s work is contagious when people are exposed to his talent.