Press for ‘Rocket Science’

“Rocket Science” is SO good! It’s really great to finally hear the songs we have been waiting for since RS first announced more than a year ago that he was starting to work on a new CD.

It’s also fun to see/hear all the interviews on TV and radio these past few days to promote “Rocket Science.” (Check out for a nice collection of clips, as well as lyrics.)

Just like when “Ricki and the Flash” promotions were in full-swing, I occasionally get an email or text from friends to tell me that they saw Rick Springfield on… (FILL IN THE BLANK HERE).

Although I have caught up retroactively, I missed the press he did for “Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance,” “Venus in Overdrive” and “Songs for the End of the World” (sadly, I was completely unaware of them until mid-2014 when I became reacquainted with his work.) So it’s fun to follow it as it’s happening – and even watch it at the moment it is happening, whether it is a concert, a soundcheck or a CD signing, thanks to those generous fans who share the view via Periscope.

Since RS’s songs typically reflect what’s happening in his life, his songs reveal things about him that appear to be deeply personal. He addressed that in an interview this week on the Meredith Vieira Show, when he spoke about “Let Me In.

He has said before that his wife is a very private person and since she is his muse for many of his songs (“The Best Damn Thing” on the new album is also about her), I wonder if she has the same sense of excited anticipation as a fan does when he has a new album coming out or if her reaction is more of apprehension wondering what he’s going to reveal next. (When I first heard “Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance,” it was right after reading his autobiography “Late, Late at Night” and so I didn’t enjoy the songs at all because I kept thinking of his wife having to listen to them. Since then I have come to enjoy many of the songs, although I can still hear the pain in his voice when I listen to the CD.)

Many of the interviews he did when “Late, Late at Night” was released dealt with the revelation that he has suffered from depression for many years. It appears that his willingness to discuss it was very helpful to others who also experienced it.

In a society where many celebrities try to project the illusion that their lives are perfect, it’s rather refreshing when one is honest about their challenges and struggles. (Although sometimes RS is excessive in expressing his imperfections – his song “I Hate Myself” is an example.)

It’s much more beneficial for humankind when people are honest about who they are because that opens up the opportunity to connect and help one another.

I guess it’s all about finding that right balance – a willingness to open up and reveal things about yourself that can lead to a true connection with others and yet keep certain things private to protect yourself and your family. (Certain reality shows are examples of what divulging too much can lead to.)



RS: Let Me In

First thing this morning there was a notification from Spotify in my inbox letting me know that “Let Me In” was now available. Waiting for the launch of “Rocket Science” has been much easier than I anticipated because every few days there seems to be another treat available to help pass the time until its debut on Feb. 19.

Of course I had to listen to it right away and noticed the strong Country vibe. As I’ve mentioned in the past, Country is, um, not my favorite kind of music so at first I was worried I wouldn’t like it. But once I got past the intro, I LOVED it and think it’s my favorite song so far on “Rocket Science.”

Toward the end of the song, my second thought was that RS must be in a happier state of mind these days than when he originally did the song because the repeating lines at the end are different than the original one. “I don’t think the girl’s in love” is now “I sure hope this girl’s in love.” (The We Love Rick Springfield fan site has posted the new lyrics here and the lyrics for the older version, the demo that was one of the bonus tracks of “Songs for the End of the World,” are here.)

Sure enough, later in the day, Billboard tweeted an article that starts out, “Rick Springfield calls his upcoming disc, Rocket Science, “probably the most positive album I’ve ever written.”

“I was just wanting to change my attitude,” Springfield tells Billboard. “Pissing and moaning about something and dooms-daying is not gonna help anything. I’ve always been a big one to do that, pissing and moaning. So I wanted to have some solutions for once rather than just moaning. I’ve been having a better mindset lately and focused on different things. I’m always fighting the depression — that’s taught for me — but the way I deal with that mainly is just to write, and feeling that I’m doing something creative really helps my mood.”

That said, “Let Me In” — the first song Springfield wrote for Rocket Science, which comes out Feb. 19 — was drawn from darker circumstances in his life. “I was having issues with my primary relationship, and it came out of that,” explains Springfield, who’s been married to wife Barbara since 1984. “The best songs come from a moment of truth for me, and that was an issue I was having a really tough time with, so it came from that. I’m very guilty of creating conflict to get the emotions stirred up and be able to write. There’s deeper stuff in conflict; That’s the only time you stop and think is when things aren’t going well. When things are going well you’re kind of full steam ahead, and I don’t really write much when I’m happy.”

I think this is why I like this song so much – the honesty behind it and how it illustrates the ups and downs of a long-term relationship. The Billboard article also mentions his upcoming film, “Traces” and that he’s still working on the sequel to “Magnificent Vibration.” And that he’s working on ideas for a TV series as well. So many good things to look forward to!

And here are the new “Let Me In” videos: the official audio from “Rocket Science,” an acoustic version (filmed in his home studio) and a video about the making of “Let Me In.”

More ‘Rocket Science’ details: Miss Mayhem

This just in from

“Rick Springfield announces full ‘Rocket Science’ details.”

So here’s  a recap of what we know so far:

  1. The actual recording of “Light This Party Up”
  2. The live version of “Down” plus bits of the recorded version after the lights go on after a concert. (Written in the middle of an ice storm on a stranded tour bus’with Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus, according to the article.)
  3. Miss Mayhem:  a “blues-infused rocker,” on which he collaborated with indie artist Tad Kubler of the band The Hold Steady.
  4. The previous version of “Let Me In” (described as a “sensitive ballad.” Awww, love those…)
  5. A few lines of lyrics from “We Connect.”
  6. A mention in an interview that “All Hands on Deck” is a patriotic song (“anthemic,” according to this new article).

And good news – some additional tracks will be made available in coming weeks before the Feb. 19 release, according to the article. Yay!



‘We Connect’ and ‘Let Me In’

The first review of “Rocket Science” came out a few days ago so I thought I’d include a link to that, here, too, especially because it includes a few lines of lyrics of one of the new songs on the new CD: “We Connect.”

It’s a very positive review ( and provides some clues to what the new CD sounds like: Rick Springfield delivers songwriting masterclass with ‘Rocket Science.’

And here’s a clip from a rehearsal from January when RS and his band were working on “Let Me In” (That song was a bonus track on “Songs for the End of the World.”)

So here’s what we have so far:

  1. The actual recording of “Light This Party Up.”
  2. The live version of “Down” plus bits of the recorded version after the lights go on after a concert.
  3. The previous version of “Let Me In” (great song).
  4. A few lines of lyrics from “We Connect.”
  5. A mention in an interview that “All Hands on Deck” is a patriotic song.

So now there are nine songs that are complete mysteries (the 8 others on the album plus a bonus track on the mp3).

And yes, I do realize that this probably stretches “fan” into “fanatical,” but one of the reasons I started this blog was because this is the kind of stuff that goes on in my head and it’s a way to not drive those around me crazy by actually talking about it.

Perhaps I should take the fact that my keyboard keeps freezing up as I write this as a hint that I should just stop now so I’ll go ahead and do that.

One in a million – back on tour

Now that the personal injury case is over, RS is back in warmer temperatures – and in the studio working on his next album. A much better place for him to be!

RS spoke to Judge Cristina Perez about the case this week and it was interesting to hear his take on it.  I especially liked this quote: “It’s about justice and the truth in the end and hopefully that generally wins.”

He also posted a video on YouTube bringing his fans into the studio for a minute or so – that was fun to watch!

As he heads back on tour this weekend, RS fans are anxious to see whether or not he’ll resume the “Human Touch” portion of the show, going out into the audience at his concerts. As his Arizona concert gets closer, I’m definitely curious, too. (Although I’m not sure that he actually makes it out to the 30th row so it may not even be an issue).

But I have been thinking a lot about that feeling before a RS concert – about the possibility of being in the right place at the right time and meeting him. After one concert back in high school, me and my friends headed toward a tour bus afterward – before our parents picked us up – but it was Quarterflash inside.

How many of the thousands of fans who attend his shows – not counting the ones who purchase Meet-and-Greet packages – are embracing the hope that they may cross paths with him when he’s in town?

I’ve been thinking about that all week and this is the result:

One in a million

They feel like they know you
From all that you’ve shared
Devoted for decades
They’ve shown that they care

To them you’re one in a million
The brightest star in the sky
A light in the darkness
A muse in their life

You fly in for the evening
By the next day you’re gone
Fueling fantasy
With a touch or a song

A snapshot to capture
Memories intertwined
Reality merged
With a touch of divine

To you they’re one of a million
A face in the crowd
A blur in the spotlight
In an indistinct town

A voice in the roar
As the star takes the stage
Internal illusions
Dissolve in the haze

One in a million
The brightest star in the sky
Flashes through the evening
Then disappears in the night.

Update: I finally recorded this song – written on piano (July 12, 2015). Here it is: