RS: Walkin’ In and Mercy

Not sure how I missed this the other day – or maybe it’s been added since then – but the official RS site – – lists “Walkin’ In” and “Mercy” as bonus songs on a version of “Rocket Science” that is only available through Best Buy.

I’ve been searching for information about “Walking In” (with a “g”) for months, ever since somebody posted a video of him playing it at Club Med and then removed it days later after I got most of the words down –  I still find myself singing it often, even though I’m not sure if the words are right.

So apparently there’s a standard version of “Rocket Science” with 13 songs, then a bonus track on the iTunes version and then two bonus tracks on the Best Buy version.

So I guess this means I’m going to have to get the Best Buy version since I want to hear “Walkin’ In.” But then again “Beautiful Inside” sounds like a nice song, too, so I guess I’ll need that version, too. I haven’t given any thought to “Mercy” yet since I didn’t even know that existed until about an hour ago.