Things to know before seeing ‘Ricki and the Flash’

Rick Springfield

Actor Rick Springfield poses for photographers to promote his upcoming film “Ricki and the Flash” at the Summer of Sony photo call in Cancun, Tuesday, June 16, 2015. (AP Photo/Christian Palma)

I attended an advance screening of “Ricki and the Flash” tonight (not THE premiere in New York, but one in Phoenix). I was already a big fan of Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline and Rick Springfield (obviously the last one) and the mix of all three of them together – along with a storyline of music and family comedy-drama, I knew I would like it even before walking into the theater (or, to be more precise: before checking in my cell phone and getting wanded before walking into the theater; no photographing allowed during the movie – duh – sad that adults just can’t be trusted to not film a movie in a theater).

I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone, so I won’t go into any details about the actual film but here are a few things that I knew about it beforehand that deepened my appreciation of it:

1. Meryl Streep learned guitar for the movie. I really admire the way she jumps into her roles and learns new skills for her films.

2. RS plays the guitar – a Gibson SG- that he wrote “Jessie’s Girl” on. The script called for one and he had one so he played his own. Serendipity!

3. The musical scenes were shot live and not dubbed over to fix any mistakes so they were actually how they were played during the initial filming. (It all sounded pretty flawless to me anyhow.)

What I wish I would have known before the movie – bring tissues. I realize I may be oversensitive – I used to tear up at Hallmark commercials back in the day when you couldn’t fast-forward past commercials – but it was kind of an emotional movie for me, lots of tears. All the family drama, regret, unfulfilled dreams, failed relationships. Plus tears of joy, too, with the happy moments in the film, as well as being thrilled that RS had such a great role!

During the opening credits, somebody next to me commented when RS’s name came on the screen, “Rick Springfield is in this?!” which I just found hilarious considering how much I’ve been hearing about the movie lately. Between this film and his recent role in “True Detective,” I hope that when his new album comes out in January (or whenever it finally comes out), it will get a great deal of positive recognition, too.

Oh, and this was a fun start to the “Ricki” week, too – a video Q&A with RS on a radio station’s Facebook page, with RS answering in video replies to fans’ questions.

Long overdue recognition

Wonderful story about Rick Springfield on The New York Times website today (scheduled to appear in print this weekend).

How Rick Springfield Scored a Role Opposite Meryl Streep in ‘Ricki and the Flash’

So happy to see that Rick Springfield is FINALLY getting some of the recognition he deserves.

Great quotes from Meryl Streep:

For the role, Ms. Streep had to learn how to play rhythm guitar as if she had been playing it for four decades (she had not). “Rick was endlessly kind and patient with me, and it must have been a colossal nightmare for him to hear me make the same mistake on the same chord for like a week,” she said in an email interview from London. “It was almost as if Jonathan cast the band as much for their compassion as for their rock cred.”

Since the film wrapped, Mr. Springfield has been working on a follow-up to his novel. He has a new album coming out in January, his 18th, and this summer, he’s also (no surprise) going back out on tour.

“Could I ever do it?” Ms. Streep said. “No way. We shot a full week of work, and I would go home and sit in the bath and put Biofreeze on my knees when I got out and sit around all Sunday. Rick Springfield, on the other hand, boarded a plane on Friday, flew to Minnesota or Tulsa or Missouri, and played two nights of shows for thousands of people.”

Plus coverage by Entertainment Weekly, People, nighttime talk shows, daytime talk shows, etc. Soon so many more people will find out what his fans are so “crazed” about. Congratulations, RS!

30 days till showtime


In 30 days, Rick Springfield will appear on the big screen in his first feature film since “Hard to Hold” in 1984. His film debut didn’t get very good reviews, but at age 14, I didn’t care about things like that – it was Rick Springfield on the big screen and (giggle, giggle) you got to see almost all of him. Plus you got to hear his newest songs.

Anyway, this new film is about “a musician who gave up everything for her dream of rock-and-roll stardom returns home, looking to make things right with her family.” A comedy-drama about a family and lots of music starring Meryl Streep – one of my favorite actresses – that in itself sounds wonderful.

Most of the movies I watch these days are from Netflix, watched as I fold laundry on the weekend and I don’t make it to the theater very often, usually only for kid movies. (Last month it was  “Inside Out,” which I enjoyed, and “Minions” will likely be the next one). But I will definitely make it to the theater for “Ricki and the Flash.” It looks like I may be in Los Angeles that week so I’m going to try to visit his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame during that week, too, which is pretty cool!

Truth be told, although I’m looking forward to the movie, I’m mainly just happy for him that he has this opportunity and I am more excited about his new CD. It’s reportedly called “Mayhem” but I haven’t seen any official announcement about the title.

Here are some snippets from interviews about the film:

Enough with the “Jessie’s Girl” references!


Rick Springfield is so damn cool. He (or his social media rep, who knows?) tweeted today about his newest project. In just one year, he’s toured around the country during rock shows, storytelling concerts and book signings and filmed a movie; now he’s shooting a HBO series. When the hell are people going to stop with the “Jessie’s Girl” references? That was 33 years ago! He has recorded more than a dozen albums since then with so many other great songs, written a memoir and a novel that both made it to the New York Times Best-Seller List, acted in numerous TV shows and just filmed a movie with Academy Award-winning actress Meryl Streep. And he’s the father of two sons and just celebrated his 30th anniversary with his wife. Sure, he’s had his difficulties and challenges – doesn’t everyone? – but his perseverance and stamina is truly inspiring.

Here are some examples of what led to this post:

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Now that the main cast for the second season of HBO’s “True Detective” has finally been confirmed, fans may be wondering who else will pop up on the anthology series. If you guessed a former ’80s pop star-turned-actor, you’d be right.

Do your homework, guys. Ever heard of Google?