A new film: ‘Traces’ in 2016

Apparently Rick Springfield fans not only have his new album “Rocket Science” to look forward to in 2016, but also a new film.

He alluded to this in a recent Stripped Down Q &A, after somebody asked once again if he planned to return to “General Hospital.” His answer referred to a new independent movie he was working on.

And sure enough, there it is in IMBD: “Traces.”

The plot description is: “Facing unemployment from his record store job, divorce and his 20-year high school reunion, a listless former 90’s ‘one-hit wonder’ is given a unique second chance when he agrees to produce and record the debut album of an up-and-coming Internet sensation.”

This sounds great! His character is listed as Carl. And no, once again, he is NOT the one-hit wonder. That character’s name is Damien Shea, played by Pablo Schreiber.

No word on a release date yet, but according to writer/director Matthew Currie Holmes’ Twitter feed, it is being shot in 20 days, and they just finished Day 14.