A well-traveled rock star

In many interviews I’ve read over the years, a common response when musicians are asked about their experiences about touring the world is that they actually don’t get to see very much of it because of their hectic schedules. This always struck me as a missed opportunity, which is why it’s so much fun to see how Rick Springfield fits in some touristy stuff during his tour – and shares it with his fans.

This past week looked especially fun, as he toured the Oklahoma City Zoo before playing a concert there. He wasn’t afraid to get messy – while holding a canvas as an elephant “painted” it (a birthday present, according to the tweet from the zoo – he sure does get lots of mileage from his birthday, as it was a month ago, but hey, why not?) – and didn’t mind getting seal-y (kissed by a seal).

He also got to give a shower to a baby elephant and feed a Galapogos turtle at the zoo. Recent posts on his Facebook page also show photographs of the Bethlehem Steel Mill in Pennsylvania, Times Square in New York City (don’t those people notice that Rick Springfield is standing just a few feet away?!), a gondola ride in Venice, Italy, the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, and a Titanic Exhibit in Branson, Mo.

Plus he takes time to meet his fans before his shows during the sound checks and afterward at meet and greets. Here’s a rock star that uses his time well! Thanks, RS, for sharing your travels with us!