‘Another Bad Day for Cupid’

Finally! Those who no longer have a record player can finally hear a song from the new band The Red Locusts!

The band released their red vinyl album back in March, which is still listed on the the Rick Springfield Merch site {despite the fact that Rick Springfield’s not in the band, according to Rick Springfield, although the singer sounds suspiciously like him, don’t you think?)

According to an article on buzzbands.la that announces the video premiere of The Red Locusts song “Another Bad Day for Cupid,” a press release from Lolipop Records lists the band’s members as singer-guitarist Paul Ramone, bassist Scotty Skuffleton, drummer Skippy Skuffleton, keyboardist Duncan Sweets and guitarist Beau Weevil. (For more speculation on the band members, read “The Red Locusts on vinyl.”)

The single “Another Bad Day for Cupid,” whose video animated by Joe Garber premieres here, is exemplary of their sublime ’60s guitar pop, for fans of the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Jellyfish, Fountains Of Wayne, ELO, Big Star, the Move, the Raspberries, etc.

buzzbands.la, “Video premiere: The Red Locusts, ‘Another Bad Day for Cupid’”

The video for “Another Bad Day for Cupid” is reminiscent of “Mission Magic,” the animated Saturday morning series from 1973 featuring Rick Springfield and his songs, and starts off with animated versions of the band members riding on red locusts.

Cupid is indeed having a bad day, as his arrows keep on missing the mark and wreaking havoc in this animated version of Seattle (a guess based on what looks like Space Needle, along with the mountains and the rain), beginning with a frog and spinning fan blades (the result wouldn’t have been appropriate for “Mission Magic.”) Other unfortunate matches include a car and a bus, a wrecking ball and a car with a guy inside listening to “Another Bad Day for Cupid” on his phone, and a fly and a female reporter’s uvula (that dangly thing in the back of a person’s throat).

The singer (who sounds like the singer Rick Springfield of “Working Class Dog” fame) tells Cupid that he ought to get a “working class” career. At the end, the animated singer directs the arrows’ paths and causes a love explosion in the city.

A very entertaining song – and you can really hear the Beatles influences. Enjoy the video and the song and share your thoughts if you’d like!

Video for The Red Locusts: Another Bad Day for Cupid, animated by Joe Garber

Coming soon: The Red Locusts

A pending arrival of red locusts may not sound like a good thing if you’re referring to the large grasshopper species in Africa, but when you’re waiting to hear music from the new musical group The Red Locusts, the pending arrival is a very good thing.

Based on a recent post by Rick Springfield, it looks like we may be hearing music by The Red Locusts very soon.

Got it? A swarm of red locusts could mean a plague is upon us and that’s not good, but music from The Red Locusts in the middle of a pandemic is very good.

Now that that’s clear, I guess all there is left to do is wait to see how soon the “soon” is before we get to hear this new music.