A good mail day


I received a nice little present in the mail today – this cool little sticker from the organizers of the Rick Springfield Birthday Campaign. Each year this group of fans raises money for RS’s charity of choice and fans also donate prizes. This is such a cool project, which has raised more than $100,000 since 2007.

So far this year, since Aug. 15, the campaign has raised, as of today, $12,321.69, plus RS’s Facebook page campaign has raised $3,020. All funds go to help dogs through the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation.

Learn all about the campaign at happybirthdayrick.com (plus you can see a cute video of his birthday song at a recent concert on the site’s home page). The campaign runs through Sept. 23. There are lots of great prizes, with the grandest of all being a backstage pass at a future show. Other prizes include original RS drawings, CDs, signed photos and lots of RS-related merchandise and memorabilia.

It was a nice surprise to get this today of all days because I checked the mail after I got home from the monthly songwriting workshop I attend and the song I brought today received the best feedback from all the songs I’ve brought so far. Not that there’s necessarily any connection between the two (outside of in my own head), but it was icing on the cake.

I also have something to add to my last post- besides the songs, books, movies, TV shows, rock concerts, solo storytelling acoustic shows and symphony shows, recent interviews have also disclosed the potential for MORE:

From telegram.com in Worcester, MA:

Besides touring and performing live, Springfield, who just turned 69, has plenty of other things going on. A second novel is in the works, for example. A new album is “starting to come together.” A Broadway musical could be said to be just waiting to happen.

In an interview in The Daily Times in Blount County, he mentions that he plans to re-record his older hits with a symphony orchestra and then write his next record. Plus there was an article in Guitar Player that gave a great review of “The Snake King” – and of his guitar playing.

In other news, RS shows what a great friend he is to his BFF Doug Davidson:


Many RS fans have a personal connection with Doug Davidson since he’s been on the RS fan trips (for me it was because he replied to my fan letters to him when I was in high school). It saddens me to hear how he’s been treated and wish him only the best. I can’t even comprehend of Y&R existing without DD – he was always my association with the show.

I hope this freeing up of his schedule opens him up to an INCREDIBLE opportunity. Maybe RS can write a new show or movie they can work on together – judging from videos I’ve seen from fan trips, it looks like they would have a blast (and they could probably sell tickets to the filming since they are so hilarious together). Since they met in an acting class all those years ago, wouldn’t it be so cool if they could team up for some sort of acting project all these decades later?


‘The Birthday King’ to raise funds for dogs

This year’s Rick Springfield Birthday Campaign kicks off today! For details, visit: happybirthdayrick.com.

“The Birthday King” campaign runs today through Sept. 23, 2018 and all funds go toward the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation.


This year’s logo

This is the 11th year of the campaign, which has raised more than $100,000 since 2007. Learn more about the campaign’s history here. Last year’s campaign, for RS’s 68th birthday, raised $17,068.68. Learn how to donate here.

The grand prize is “The Backstage Extravaganza.” Not sure exactly what that is, but it sounds exciting! Each $5 donation gets one entry for the prize drawings. Math isn’t my strong suit so check here for all the details about the prize drawing. The prizes aren’t listed yet – besides the (cue extravagant music here) “The Backstage Extravaganza.”

Thank you, RS Birthday Campaign project team and all the fans who are donating prizes!

Side note: Did I mention that Rick Springfield will be a few miles away from where I am right now in SIX days?! Fourteen minutes away. 11.2 miles. I couldn’t resist buying a ticket even though I couldn’t find anyone willing to spend the money to go with me (when you’ve seen your favorite rock star six times in less than four years, sometimes you run out of concert-going buddies to go with if they don’t feel the same way.) But my birthday was last week so this is my birthday present to myself!

Rick Springfield’s birthday month is going to the dogs, in a good way

2018 American Rescue Dog Show

I was going to title this post “Summer of 69,” but for some reason people often confuse Rick Springfield with other artists so I didn’t want to add to the confusion.

But as most RS fans can attest to, August 23 is practically a national holiday on our calendar as we celebrate the arrival of our favorite rock star into the world. And as fans know, he likes to celebrate his birthday, sometimes as early as mid-July, during concerts when he encourages the audience to sing him “Happy Birthday.”

But it’s not all about him. Each year he asks that in lieu of gifts, fans should donate to charity. His charity of choice is usually the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation, which helps rescue dogs. Here’s his note this year:

RS going to the dogs

So if you’re able to help, I’m sure RS and the dogs would appreciate it!

His fans’ annual birthday charity campaign will be starting soon, too. The campaign has raised more than $100,000 for charity since it started in 2007. This year’s campaign is in conjunction with the above campaign, which means it is all for the dogs. Word on the street (or Facebook actually), is that the campaign starts Aug. 15.

There’s also another Rowdy Ron birthday special coming up: The “Happy 69th Birthday Rick Springfield Special,” where DJ/comedian Rowdy Ron plays hours and hours of Rick Springfield music starting at 9 p.m. ET on Aug. 25. If you’re a new RS fan or rediscovering him after a few decades, it’s a great place to catch up: rowdyradio.listen2myshow.com.

In other RS news, check out this cool article on indystar.com that addresses how RS really feels about his well-publicized “Star Wars” collection: ‘Rick Springfield talks Tinder, ‘Star Wars’ toys and the blonde in the ‘Jessie’s Girl’ video.’

For the love of dogs

Aww, these pics from Rick Springfield’s Facebook page today are so darn cute.

There have been lots of shirtless RS concert pics circulating online these past few days – accompanied with “This is what 67 looks like?!”-type of comments. Those pics are nice to look at, of course, but these dog pics are just so sweet and show a different side of my favorite rock star.

RS fans know of his affection for dogs – and even the non-fan probably has an idea if they’ve seen the “Working Class Dog” and “Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet” album covers.

My youngest son has this natural love for dogs, too. I got my dog before I even met my husband so my kids have had a dog in the house their entire lives. The older two will occasionally play with him and pet him, but my youngest connected with him right away and just LOVES him. Once when he was about 4 or so, he suddenly started crying and when we asked him what was wrong, he said he didn’t want our dog to ever die.

Shavuot at the park

My youngest son befriending a dog at the park.

Whenever we go to events where people bring their dogs, we end up spending a significant amount of time going up to people to ask if he can pet their dog.

It’s because of RS’s love for dogs that the charity selected for the fan-based grass-roots Rick Springfield Birthday Charity Campaign is the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation, which helps take care of dogs. According to the campaign website, happybirthdayrick.com, the total raised so far this year is $5,419, as of Aug. 25.

The campaign continues through Sept. 3. When you donate to the campaign, you get raffle numbers and are eligible to win a number of prizes. The GRANDEST prize is a soundcheck for two and other prizes include a sketch by RS, guitar pics, books, signed items and a bunch of other things. (Check the website for a list.)

So next time RS is in your town and you’re looking to increase your chances of meeting him, maybe try hanging out in a Starbucks with your dog. : )

Win a dinner with Rick Springfield

For the past eight years, a group of Rick Springfield fans have collected money for charity in honor of his birthday. Apparently, fans like to give him gifts for his birthday and he requested that they donate the money to charity instead. So far, they’ve raised more than $50,000.

The ninth annual campaign – called “Ricky and the (big birthday) Bash” in honor of his upcoming movie – raises money for two charities: The first one is Hoops for Life – for Dr. Michael Edwards’ Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Program at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital (LPCH) – in memory of Sahara Aldridge, his sweet young friend who died from a brain tumor at age 13.

The other charity  is the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation, which rescues animals.

This year’s goal is to raise $15,000. (Click here to learn all about this campaign, which continues through Sept. 15).

This effort by RS fans is pretty cool!

But that’s not all. Those who donate are also entered to win prizes and the grand prize is … drum roll …

A pre-concert dinner with Rick Springfield! (Oh wait, I think I ruined the surprise because I put it in the headline, darn it. )

(For all the rules, click here.)

I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have dinner with RS. Looking back to my past encounters with him – which included me babbling with a goofy grin stuck on my face – I think it’s pretty adventurous of him to offer to do this!

And since it is a pre-concert dinner, it means that it won’t be Dr. Pitlor (creepy “True Detective” character) showing up as a dinner companion. Although I guess Pitlor RS is better than no RS, right?