‘The Snake King’

Rick Springfield’s upcoming CD “The Snake King” is starting to get some press – with an article that came out yesterday on Bristol Herald Courier in advance of a concert this weekend.

The article had this quote: “I have a new CD coming out called ‘The Snake King’ that has the potential to put the final nail in the old teenybopper coffin,” said Springfield.

Unfortunately the article cut off in the middle of a sentence, so there wasn’t any clear explanation of why this might be (Update: The missing text is added, but no more info on the new CD) . For RS fans who have listened to “Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance” or read “Late, Late at Night,” that shiny, happy teenybopper image dissolved long ago. (For me it was in 2014 when I “rediscovered” Rick Springfield although SDAA came out in 2004 and his autobiography in 2010.)

He’s also alluded to the idea that even his current fans might not like it because it’s so drastically different than what he’s done in the past. But last year’s “Rocket Science,” had a country feel and now it’s one of my favorite CDs, although country is a genre I was never particularly fond of. (Lately I have been binge-watching “Nashville,” a show I watched a few episodes of a couple years ago in preparation for the release of “Rocket Science.” RS connection: Rascal Flatt’s Jay DeMarcus – who co-wrote “Down” with RS – was on an episode I recently watched, writing a song with one of the characters.)

Back in 2015, RS was already performing some of his “Rocket Science” songs in concert before the 2016 release of the CD (“Light this Party Up” and “Down”), so maybe we’ll hear a song or two at an upcoming concert (and hopefully somebody will share the video online). He usually includes at least one blues song in his set list at concerts, which showcases his awesome guitar skills so I’m looking forward to hearing his original blues songs.

I’m not sure how accurately “Nashville” depicts the music business scene, but one clear message I’ve gotten is that the artists don’t always get to record the songs they want to perform because once they sign with a label, they often have to do what their record label dictates and not what they want to do.  (It’s made me appreciate that I have full creative control of my own songs, even though nobody besides my immediate family actually hears them.)

So as a longtime RS fan, I’m thrilled that he’s making new music and that his repertoire of songs covers so many different styles.

Some thoughts about studio news

Exciting news about RS recording some new songs, posted on Facebook earlier today with a pic of the recording studio.

My first thought, of course, was – yay!

Then my second thought was, “Wait a minute, isn’t he supposed to be in Germany already? The first Rock Meets Classic show is March 30, which is this Thursday night. How is he going to get over to Europe in time for the show? It’s a pretty hectic schedule, with a concert nearly every night for three weeks in a row. Won’t he be exhausted by the time he gets there?”

Then my third thought was, “Hey, I’m flying tomorrow, maybe we’ll be on the same plane! Maybe I’ll see him in the airport! I’ll have to be sure to look for him!” (Note: I’m not going to Germany, but quite possibly headed in the same direction. And it is possible he snapped the picture earlier in the week and remembered to post it today, or had someone else post it, but whatever.)

And then once again, yay! I wonder what these new songs are about? Will they give us some deep insight into his soul? Will it reveal some new discovery about him? What will they sound like?!  (No pressure, RS….)

And one final thought: Before we move on to this next album, I think some follow up is needed from “Rocket Science.” In small print in the booklet, it says, “For the stories behind the bonus tracks “Mercy” and “Walkin’ In,” go to http://www.rickspringfield.com!” I’ve been to http://www.rickspringfield.com several times and have yet to find them. Has anybody else come across them?

And lastly, yay!

February milestones


February seems to be a big month for Rick Springfield milestones.

One day in particular stands out:
Feb. 24, 1981: “Working Class Dog” is released
Feb. 24, 1982: RS wins a Grammy for “Jessie’s Girl”
Feb. 24, 2004: “Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance” is released
Feb. 24, 2015: “Stripped Down” is released

Last night Rowdy Ron had an online radio show where he played the full albums of WCD and SDAA, including bonus tracks, in celebration of the milestone. Unfortunately I only caught a few minutes of it, but I’m sure it was a great show!

Other notable dates (courtesy of rickspringfield.us):

Feb. 14, 1945: RS’s parents are married
Feb. 19, 2016: “Rocket Science” is released
Feb. 20, 2016: “iHeart80s Party” at the Forum, which gave him great exposure
Feb. 23, 1981: “Jessie’s Girl” is released as a single

This year also marked the 10th anniversary of his Valentine’s Day weekend show at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, which was covered this month in a great interview in Center Stage Magazine and this nice review in National Rock Review. In the Center Stage interview, he talks about his desire to do more acting and mentions his upcoming tour in Germany with Rock Meets Classic and the review mentions some highlights from the Nashville show:

“Since this is live music, anything can and usually happens. Tonight, mid-way through the opening song, the music suddenly stops, and the faint ring of the fire alarm is heard. Not to be outdone, Rick is out among the fans, shaking hands and fist bumping those around him while the guys break into a jig on stage entertaining fans while the power and fire alarm issues are sorted out.”

After a brief delay, Rick and the guys launching into “Light this Party Up” for the second time and the crowd jumps in on the fun, raising their glasses, dancing, and singing along.”

And this is sweet:

“Slowing down the pace, Rick takes center stage with his green dobro guitar on his knee. He takes a moment to tell a quick story about long-time guitar tech, Ruben Velasco, who died last year. Velasco, who’s birthday was this day, had repeatedly said that Rick needed a light-up guitar. Springfield now plays a light-up guitar on tour which he appropriately named “Ruben.” It was a touching moment and a class move by Rick Springfield.”

Liked this line, too:

“Springfield exudes energy and positive vibes.”

Speaking of articles – and energy- there was some interesting information in a recent one in the Orlando Sentinel in advance of Sunday’s night’s show in Orlando.

“He is working on another novel to follow “Magnificent Vibration,” a 2014 bestseller, but laughs when asked when it will come out.

“It’s like a song. When it’s done, it’s done. You can’t really push it,” he said. “There’s been a lot of stuff that’s come up and gets in the way of it, but I like to do it all.” 

And this is a cool possibility:

He is writing a new record and screenplays. Another possibility is a memoir to follow 2010’s “Late, Late at Night.” “Certainly enough has happened. I was actually thinking about that —  the stuff I didn’t tell you,” he said.

Singin’ the blues

Although the title of this post would be fitting for how I feel about not having the means to go on the “Rick Springfield and Friends” fan getaway in the Bahamas this November, that’s not what this post is about.

No, it’s about an article that was on Billboard.com today that RS plans to work on a blues album next.

“I love slide guitar, and most people don’t know it because I don’t really play it onstage,” Springfield says. “I play [Hambone Willie Newbern’s] ‘Rollin’ and Tumblin” in my solo show, and I always get guys saying, ‘You should do a blues album.’ And I was thinking about writing something as opposed to just doing copies of blues songs that everybody’s done. I’m all for expanding people’s views, y’know?”

Here’s a video of “Rollin’ and Tumblin’ ” from the Stripped Down show I saw last year (it’s not my video – I found it on YouTube and the video it would be much blurrier if it was mine – but I was in the Fox Tucson Theatre  when it was being filmed and met him briefly after the show.)

When I first heard last year that he was working on a country album, I was a little wary, as I’ve never been a big fan of country music. But “Rocket Science” has become one of my favorite albums of all time.

Since I’m much more a fan of blues than I am country, today’s news is pretty exciting! I wouldn’t say I’m a blues aficionado, but I’ve been fortunate to see B.B. King, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley and Eric Clapton perform live. Plus, my husband is a big blues fan and RS playing the blues is his favorite part of the RS shows he’s seen so maybe he’ll be more eager to go to another one with me in the future.

The Billboard article also talks about the 35th anniversary of “Working Class Dog” (have you seen the collector’s-edition guitar that celebrates that anniversary? It’s really cool-looking and one lucky fan can get it at each show – along with a meet-and-greet – for a mere $2,500.) And of course the article also addresses his upcoming role as Lucifer on “Supernatural.”

And if a full-band tour, a solo tour, a new movie and a role on a popular TV show isn’t enough, apparently he’s headed to Germany next year with the Rock Meets Classic tour – where American rockers perform with a symphony orchestra. Also on the tour are members/former members of The Eagles, Toto, Uriah Heep and Magnum. The tour visits 15 German arenas from March 30 to April 18. RS is listed as a “very special guest.”



Future greatest hits


On June 30, Rick Springfield will be featured in the debut of ABC’s “Greatest Hits,” a six-episode summer series hosted by Arsenio Hall. Of course RS will perform “Jessie’s Girl.”

The show is scheduled for 9-10 p.m. EST on ABC and will also feature “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins, “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes, “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr. and “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang” – all part of my 1980s soundtrack (which I’m sure is true for many people).

Those who were a big fan of 1980s RS and are going to one of his concerts this year after a decades-long hiatus will likely recognize most of the songs because there are so many hits from those days.  But he’s also been including some of the songs from “Rocket Science” at his live shows. So far “Light This Party Up,” “Down,” “That One” and “Miss Mayhem” have been part of current set lists.

Which of these songs will someday appear on a “Greatest Hits” album? It’s too soon to tell of course – and RS has said in an interview that he had no idea “Jessie’s Girl” would be the hit off “Working Class Dog” and look what it has become today. (Does this conversation sound familiar?: “I’m going to see Rick Springfield in concert.” “Who?” “Rick Springfield. Have you heard of him?” “No.” “Jessie’s Girl?” “Oh yes! I love him.“)

So now that “Rocket Science” has been out a few months – it came out Feb. 19 – let’s see where the songs are today.

“Light This Party Up”: Fans first heard this song at the RS fan event at the Club Med event in April 2015. I unfortunately was not one of the fortunate ones to be there, but someone posted videos to share the experience. I first heard it live in October 2015. In December 2015, USA Today presented the official world premiere. About a month after “Rocket Science” was released, a snippet of the song was played in an ABC Wednesday night promo for “The Middle.” Then there’s this video, which is part animation, part concert footage.

“Down”: I first heard this song live in October 2015, at the same show as “Light This Party Up.” But by then, I had heard it countless times on videos other people posted from past shows. An official audio video was released in December 2015 and the official video – shot at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego – was released this week after an ABC interview in his home studio. The song also is currently the theme song for the “Sundays with Carolyn & Dan” show on QVC.

“That One”: The debut for this song was on the Yahoo Live Stream of a concert in Nashville, about a week before the CD’s release.

“Miss Mayhem”: Another one that was released in early February – before the CD. (B.C.D.?) This sneak peek debuted on guitarplayer.com.

“Pay It Forward”: The concept of this song was used for a benefit concert for the American Cancer Society in Palm Springs, California. If people weren’t able to attend the concert, but still wanted to contribute, they could purchase tickets for cancer survivors. Such a cool idea.

Let Me In: This song was originally released as a bonus song on “Songs for the End of the World,” but the “Rocket Science” version has more of a country sound. It also has a more upbeat vibe to it, which fits with the idea that the new album has a more positive message than its predecessor. This new version’s premiere was released in January 2016 on billboard.com, along with an acoustic version.

Time will tell what the destiny of these songs will be, but for now they are considered his new songs – although for many of his fans, they are already as familiar as ones on past albums.

A new music video!

I had intended to stop writing this blog and convinced myself that it was the right time, especially after my recent discovery  (see previous post). But then there was this yesterday:

And this:

I was so excited that there will be a new video soon and realized that I don’t know anybody in my real life that really understands how excited I am about this (or who wants to hear about it) so I had to come back here to write about it.

A new video – whoo-hoo! MTV was such a big part of my teenage years. Although we never had cable, I did A LOT of babysitting for families who did have cable and as soon as the kids were asleep, I switched on MTV. So now instead of waiting for a babysitting gig then waiting for the kids to go to sleep so I could wait for a Rick Springfield video, now I’ll just watch the Internet for a sign of the new video. Sort of like the ’80s, except now I’m 30 years older. That’s OK though, right?

Anyway, when I first saw the photo of RS on the mountain, I thought it must be for “Down” because the song mentions a mountain and a river. Except the video was being filmed at an ocean, so maybe not? Then I thought maybe it could be for “The Best Damn Thing” because of the “crying on the beach” line. But that was by a raging sea. What’s the difference between an ocean and a sea anyway? “Crowded Solitude” mentions an ocean, but it seems like “Down” would be the next single since “Rocket Science” was always promoted with “Light This Party Up” and “Down” and there’s already a video for “Light This Party Up.” Yes, all of this actually crossed my mind and I couldn’t even discuss it with anyone!

And then the answer came today:

Did I mention how excited I am about this?








Sahuarita show

A few hours ago, I got home from Tucson, where my husband and I went to see last night’s show in Sahuarita’s Desert Diamond Casino. Before I heard about this concert, I never knew that Arizona had a town called Sahuarita, but I was glad to be there.

This concert was my fifth since last March and each show has had its own highlights.

A brief recap:

March 7: San Tan Valley, Arizona: Got to briefly meet RS after the show and get a picture with him (and give him a note with this blog address – still don’t know if he actually read it). I went with a friend I’ve known since junior high and we went to his concerts together in the ’80s and ’90s.

April 9: Stripped Down show in Tucson with my husband. Briefly met him afterward (after waiting outside the theater, much to my husband’s chagrin) and got a photo with him.

Oct. 21: Arizona State Fair – went with my husband and my two older sons, who got to sing “Don’t Talk to Strangers” with him.

Oct. 25:  Vegas show with my cousin, met some of the “Rick Chicks.” It was her first RS show.

And here are some highlights from this weekend’s show.

The overall highlight was that it was the first child-free trip with my husband since we’ve had kids and it was great to spend the time together. Before heading to Tucson, yesterday was spent packing bags and dropping each child off (and our dog) at different friends’ houses. (Very gracious friends, I might add – each of the kids had a great time and I’m guessing our dog did, too, because there is a spacious backyard.)

After checking into our hotel and parking the car, we walked back into the lobby to bring our luggage to our room before grabbing a bite to eat. There in the lobby, I saw Jorge (the drummer) on the phone and then saw the rest of the band – and RS – at  the check-in counter. I guess I stared too long because Jorge kindly gave me a little wave so I waved back. RS’s back was to me but I saw the other band members. Inside I was screaming, but I contained it and waited until we went around the corner to do a little happy dance and started babbling to my husband, “He’s staying at this hotel! He’s in the lobby!” and so on. It didn’t seem like an appropriate time to approach him and what would I say anyway? But he was staying in the same hotel as we were!

As we got to the elevator, I noticed Siggy (the bassist) walking our way and we rode up in the elevator with him.  We chatted with him during the brief elevator ride and saw him later that night walking in the hotel hallway after the show and later this morning outside the lobby as we were leaving. He was really nice each time we spoke with him and seems like a cool guy.

Then we headed to the casino’s buffet (the nicer restaurant at the casino was reservations-only) so we ate and then on to the show.

Our seats were in the fifth row and before it started, we started talking to a really nice couple next to us. It turned out that the husband went to the same Phoenix high school, though years apart, as my husband.

(Quick shift to a weird fan observation. In “Late, Late at Night,” RS mentions that he once lived on Maryland Avenue in Glendale and it caught my attention because I pass a Maryland Avenue and a Glendale Avenue on my way to work each day. So this guy sitting next to us said that when he lived in Phoenix, he lived on our street between Maryland and Glendale avenues. Of course I didn’t share my little observation last night, but I thought that was funny.)

Anyway, back to the show.

After the show started (there was no opening band), many people went up to the stage and my husband encouraged me to join them. So I did and it was so fun to have such a great view of everything.

20160326_201130 (2)

Despite my previous post about not Periscoping during the concert, how could I not now that I was so close?! So I tried again and it happened to be during “I Get Excited” again. It still didn’t record a clear video, but because I was closer, it was better. After the first video, though, I had trouble connecting so that was only one I did. I took other videos, too, but they didn’t come out very well so they’re more for sentimental reasons than to share (but maybe I’ll make a mini-video recap again since I got some of the songs from “Rocket Science.” He played “Light This Party Up,” “Down,” “That One” and “Miss Mayhem.”)

I found out later that the first guitar pic that RS threw out into the audience made it over to our seats and bounced off my husband’s forehead onto the floor. He rescued it and saved it for me.

After a few songs, the security guard came over and told everyone to go back to their seat. After RS basically gave the OK for people to come back to the stage, I returned. My view wasn’t as good as it was before being sent back to my seat, but was still great to be so close.

During “Human Touch,” he walked right by where I was, but I couldn’t get my camera to work and I didn’t actually get any human touch. My husband was nowhere to be seen so he didn’t capture any of it either. (I found out later that he was out for a bathroom break. That serves me right, I guess, for leaving him  alone back at our seats for most of the show.)

Anyway, it was a great show. It was a small venue  – RS said during the show that it was the smallest stage they have performed on and that he and Siggy keep running into each other (my husband said he heard Jorge tell RS not to sweat on his drum set.) The crowd was civil, no pushing/crowding near the stage or anything like that. One new thing the band did was cover Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” which seemed to get a good reaction from the crowd. He prefaced it by saying it’s for the younger ones in the audience. I couldn’t help thinking of the scene in “Ricki and the Flash” where the band broke into Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” I like the song so I thought it was fun to see/hear and thought the message suited him well. After the song ended, I thought I heard someone – I think it was one of the band members – say “Yes, that just happened.”

After the show, we drove back to the hotel and during our search to find a place to get food and drinks, we saw Siggy then Tim (keyboardist/guitarist) walking through the hotel (I wished Tim a happy birthday though he probably thought it was strange that some random person walking through the hotel knew it was his birthday. But then again, he’s probably used that sort of thing when it comes to RS fans.) And when I was in the restroom, my husband saw George (guitarist), too.

We had a drink in the casino/hotel (with me keeping an eye out for RS), and then headed back to our room around 11:30 p.m. Apparently we just missed him, as a couple people tweeted that they met him at the hotel around that time.

In the morning, we went to the fitness center to work out and I listened to the RS “Workout Songs” playlist on Spotify. It just seemed like the appropriate music to listen to!

We saw most of the band in the lobby as we were leaving this morning and I wanted to head back to see if RS would show up, but my husband reminded me that we needed to get back to Phoenix to pick up our kids. (Plus he finds the whole stalking thing creepy.)

Before leaving Tucson, we stopped for breakfast at this cool little restaurant called Sunny Daze and then headed back to Phoenix – and back to reality.


More pics from the show:













20 songs on the Hot 100 chart

Recent articles about Rick Springfield have referred to him as “rock legend,” “’80s icon” and “the legendary Rick Springfield.” (Also “singer-guitarist-actor,” “Australian rock star” and “Aussie rocker.”) These are definitely better than the “Jessie’s Girl singer” label that was often used in last year’s articles announcing “Ricki and the Flash” and “True Detective.”

But there are still those snide comments that appear now and again that refer to him as a one-hit-wonder. So although those people will likely never come across this post because they are the type to unleash snide comments out into cyberspace without doing any research first, I wanted to share this cool video that was recently posted on the Hot Music Charts YouTube channel: “Rick Springfield Complete Hot 100 Chart History,” which showcases his many hits. (There are lots of great videos on this channel, by the way.)

I’ve provided a recap below for easy reference but I recommend that you watch the video because it shows clips from different RS videos throughout the years so it’s really fun to watch. (The dates on the video are the dates the songs debuted on the chart, the ones below are the ones listed on Billboard.com as the dates the songs peaked. One other difference is the video includes “Taxi Dancing,” which isn’t listed on billboard.com.)

Speak to the Sky: Oct. 7, 1972
Peak: 14, weeks on chart: 13

What Would the Children Think: Dec. 9, 1972
Peak: 70, weeks on chart: 4

American Girls: July 13, 1974
Peak: 98, weeks on chart: 2

Take a Hand: Oct. 2, 1976
Peak: 41, weeks on chart: 9

Jessie’s Girl: Aug. 1, 1981
Peak: 1, weeks on chart: 32

I’ve Done Everything For You: Nov. 7, 1981
Peak: 8, weeks on chart: 22

Love is Alright Tonite: Feb. 13, 1982
Peak: 20, weeks on chart: 16

Don’t Talk to Strangers: May 22, 1982
Peak: 2, weeks on chart: 21

What Kind of Fool Am I: July 3, 1982
Peak: 21, weeks on chart: 12

I Get Excited: Oct. 30, 1982
Peak: 32, weeks on chart: 12

Affair of the Heart: June 18, 1983
Peak: 9, weeks on chart: 18

Human Touch: Sept. 10, 1983
Peak: 18, weeks on chart: 15

Souls: Dec. 3, 1983
Peak: 23, weeks on chart: 15

Love Somebody: May 5, 1984
Peak: 5, weeks on chart: 16

Don’t Walk Away: July 7, 1984
Peak: 26, weeks on chart: 12

Bop ‘Til You Drop: Oct. 20, 1984
Peak: 20, weeks on chart: 15

Taxi Dancing: Peak 59 (on video, but not listed on RS’s Billboard.com list)

Bruce: Jan 12, 1985
Peak: 27, weeks on chart: 13

Celebrate Youth: May 18, 1985
Peak: 26, weeks on chart: 11

State of the Heart: Aug. 17, 1985
Peak: 22, Weeks on chart: 15

Rock of Life: April 2, 1988
Peak: 22, weeks on chart: 15

Hopefully this will become just a “Part 1” video of his Hot 100 songs and the “2016 and beyond” compilation will be started soon with songs from “Rocket Science.”

Rocket Science: the singles

In interviews, Rick Springfield has mentioned that he had no idea “Jessie’s Girl” was going to be the big hit off “Working Class Dog.” And now it’s one of the quintessential ’80s songs.

Since “Rocket Science” has so many good songs, it got me wondering which one(s) will make the most impact on the musical world.


So here’s a look at some ideas for the songs. I’ve included YouTube videos when available, but the songs are also available on Spotify. (You can also listen to the commentaries from the CD liner notes on Spotify.) (Update on May 3, 2016: I’ve learned that this post was mentioned in a podcast – whoohoo! Here’s the link: Rock and Roll Geek Show: Show 687. I also realized that this post would be a better stand-alone post about “Rocket Science” if it had more details about the songs, so I’m adding more links now.)

“Light This Party Up”: This song could be to party compilation playlists to what “Jessie’s Girl” is to ’80s compilations. It would work well during party scenes in movies or in beer commercials. But it’s not just a standard party song, it would go nicely in movies where a character who has been kind of a downer during the first part of the film eventually lightens up during a party scene. (Read more here.)


“Down”: Also a good candidate for a movie. During a flashback montage scene showing how one character was always there for the other character and then the second character decides he/she needs to make some bold move to show that he/she realizes how much the other character has done and now he/she is determined to never let them down. (More details here.)


“That One”: This break-up related song would also work well in a movie, in a scene when the protagonist realizes that he’s lost his girl to another guy. This would have been appropriate for Jessie to sing if “Jessie’s Girl” had been interested in RS. (If that would have happened, then we wouldn’t have the “Jessie’s Girl” song, so I guess everything worked out in the end.)

“The Best Damn Thing”: This is great for radio station call-in shows where people dedicate songs to their loved ones. This song is for the reformed jerk to dedicate to his girl.

“Miss Mayhem”: As RS describes it, “We have all met her/him at some point in our romantic past. A burning hot, amazing-in-bed, beautiful/handsome fucking whack-job! Aren’t they the BEST!!!” This one is great for cranking up loud in the car and singing along. Definitely good for a movie, probably an action-adventure one where “Miss Mayhem” does something totally crazy but the main guy character just can’t seem to resist her. (Read more details here.)

“Pay It Forward”: A feel-good song. This would be good as music to use for a slideshow video for a fundraiser where the nonprofit shows all the great work they do. Or in a movie montage when a group of kids get together to help others to raise money for a cause – showing scenes of them washing cars, having a bake sale, etc., so they can help whoever it is they are aiming to help. (More details here.)

“Found”: Ladies, admit it – you would have liked RS to have written this song about you. After all, your 30-second encounter with him at the meet and greet had a profound impact on you, why couldn’t it also have affected him in a similar way and inspired him to write this song about you? OK, maybe it sounds crazy, but in his liner notes about this song, he says it’s about fantasies, so fantasize away.

“Crowded Solitude”: A scenario for this song isn’t as clear. Maybe in a scene where somebody is driving out of a big city and the camera follows this person driving and driving to a more remote place?

“Let Me In”: One of my favorite songs off the CD. A movie could be written around this song. (More details here.)


“All Hands on Deck”: A very patriotic song, good for the Fourth of July, Veterans Day and Sept. 11.

“We Connect”: Good for a sci-fi thriller, when the good earthlings band together to fight the guys that are trying to take over the world.

“(I Wish I Had a) Concrete Heart”: Good song for a romantic drama. (Hear original song by Niclas Lundin here.)

“Earth to Angel”: Similar to “Light This Party Up” – not really a party song, but could be used when the downer character realizes that life is short and he/she makes a decision to do whatever it is that he/she does to give the movie a happy ending.

“Beautiful Inside”: (Bonus Track on Amazon and iTunes) Great inspiring feel-good song of encouragement.

Bonus songs on Best Buy CD: (according to the Best Buy  CD booklet, the stories behind the bonus tracks of “Mercy” and “Walkin’ In” are supposed to be on rickspringfield.com, but haven’t found them on the site. Has anyone else?)

“Mercy”: Catchy song, Good for an action-adventure-romantic-comedy.

“Walkin’ In”: Sweet, sentimental song for a romantic drama.

Feel free to comment on how you envision these songs!

(Note: From what I’ve read, YouTube views now count toward Billboard rankings and these videos look like approved versions, so they appear to be OK to post here, in case anyone was concerned.)

On the charts

Checking in on Twitter tonight, there were all kinds of Billboard chart highlights for “Rocket Science.” Really good news!

For its first week on the Billboard charts, here’s the recap that I was able to find on billboard.com.

Top Rock Albums: #10 (This week’s top-selling albums across all rock, ranked by sales data as compiled by Nielsen Music.)

Top Rock Albums


Independent Albums: #4  (This week’s top-selling albums across all genres, sold via independent distribution, including those fulfilled via major branch distributors. Titles are ranked by sales data as compiled by Nielsen Music.)



Tastemaker Albums: #2  (This week’s top-selling albums based on an influential panel of stores comprised of independent retailer coalitions and smaller regional chains, ranked by sales data as compiled by Nielsen Music.) This one is second only to David Bowie’s “Blackstar.” RS’s “Stripped Down” CD from last year debuted at #20 but was only on for one week.

Tastemakers (2)


Top album sales: #27: (This week’s top-selling albums across all genres, ranked by sales data as compiled by Nielsen Music.)

Billboard Top Album Sales


Billboard 200: #69 (This week’s most popular albums across all genres, ranked by album sales, audio on-demand streaming activity and digital sales of tracks from albums as compiled by Nielsen Music.) To track this against his other albums/CDs, see this. (This list lists the peak position of each CD, but not its debut appearance, so I’m not sure how it compares against past ones, as far as the first week on the charts.)
Billboard 200 #69

Through the years, he’s been on 13 different Billboard charts. I don’t typically follow these sort of things and don’t know much about it, but I’m surprised that “Songs for the End of the World” was only on the Billboard 200 chart for one week and “Venus in Overdrive” was only on the charts for two weeks. What?!

The last time he was on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, after several years on it, was for “Rock of Life” in 1988. That chart measures radio airplay, sales data and streaming data. “Rocket Science” has so many great songs – at least one of them should be able to end this nearly 30-year hiatus of him being on the Hot 100 chart!