Saturday Night Springfield Special

For the past few hours – about four so far – I’ve been listening to the Rowdy Ron “Saturday Night Springfield Special.” What a great show  – hours and hours of Rick Springfield songs, including some I haven’t heard in years and others I’ve never heard. So fun to be listening along with so many RS fans around the world, many who are commenting on the Rowdy Ron Facebook page. I usually don’t do these kinds of things, where I stop everything to participate but how can I not? (Thank you to my husband, who did the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” reading with my oldest son tonight so I could sit in the office and listen to RS songs… I wonder if he’s starting to worry about this latest obsession. He’s been very patient so far but still I wonder…)

It was also interesting to hear from author Lisa Cownie and photographer Kris Fluck of the new book coming out in 2015: “Sharing the Stage: The Journey that Brought Us Together.” It really is incredible how many people RS has inspired (and how many songs he has written)!

Sharing the stage

I recently heard about a new project that a RS fan is working on that sounds so interesting!

Lisa Cownie is a journalist who had an assignment to interview Rick Springfield (how do I get an assignment like that?!) and ended up talking to members of his band and learning about their stories. Two years later, these stories are the basis for her new book “Sharing the Stage: The Journey That Brought Us Together,” which is scheduled to come out in March 2015.

Oh, and the photographer, Kris Fluck is a RS fan, too – she’s the creator of

Learn more about their project here.


Due to personal reasons of the band members, the author has decided to hold off on publishing the book. See her explanation here. On one hand, it’s too bad because she has spent so much time and effort on this project and I’m sure it would have been wonderful but, on the other hand, it’s totally understandable why the band members are hesitant to divulge that much information about their personal life at this point. A note to the author: You should be proud of the work you’ve done and I admire your integrity in respecting their request. Best wishes on your future endeavors!