Flashback to 1999 concert

I noticed a box on the top shelf in the garage marked “Notebooks” and found one of my notebooks from 1999, in which I wrote about the Sunset Station concert in Vegas that year. I went with my best friend from high school, who I will be going to the concert with this year in March.

Here’s what I wrote about the concert:

“Sunset Station around 8. Woman let us in right away, no standing in line. Rainbow wristband, front section.”

[Then I drew a little diagram of the stage, with three areas marked. 1, 2 and “10th row – started here.”]

“After show started, tried 1 but speakers were RIGHT there and it was TOO loud. So went to 2 which was in the middle of stage (aisle). Worked way to front by middle of concert.”

During Human Touch: “For about 2 split seconds, I held both of his hands in mine. Woo!”

“Only pissed off one chick while making my way to the front. She stood stiffly with her elbows in my sides. But woman with big hairspray-smelling long curly hair stood in front of me so I had to lean to the left. Tore a leaf off a bouquet he threw but shared with Beth and another girl who couldn’t reach.

After concert, waited a bit but no “meet and greet” announcement (missed him at Tower Records earlier in day).

In casino, his band was hanging out where we were – near craps tables. Told Beth that my friend Wendy said she knew Dave (guitar player). Had a couple beers so we went up to him and I asked him if he knew her. He said the name sounded familiar. I described her and he mentioned her working with [name of other musician here]. Yep. Then he gave me his phone number to give to her and said I and Beth could also call him. I got the phone number of Rick Springfield’s guitarist! Wow! Tim Pierce played also – his guitarist from the 80s (hadn’t played together in 15 years). Walked by him in the band and said good show.”

Back to today:

What?!! I had the phone number for Rick Springfield’s guitarist?!  Well, I never called and as far as I know, I no longer have the piece of the leaf either. And I guess I should feel bad for moving my way to the front but sorry, I would probably do it again if I had the chance to be that close to the stage and have another two seconds…

Is that wrong?