Official ‘Down’ video and interview beforehand

Happy Monday to you!


(Update: Video posted on YouTube June 21.)

And click here for the interview in his home studio that happened right before it.

Some thoughts:

Now that I know RS and the band are traveling by bus for this tour, I won’t have to keep an eye out on at the airport when I’m flying next month. Not that I was going to be in the same city at the same time as the tour dates, but that hasn’t stopped me before.

In the interview, RS says he’ll play for free and will only ask that travel expenses be paid. OK, fellow Arizona RS fans – let’s pool our funds for a private show! Let’s discuss at the Phoenix show next month… ūüėČ

Cool video – great use of drones! And the concept goes so well with the idea of “Down,” looking down at the band and the water and the cliffs. Clever and oh so purty.


‘Down,’ an unofficial video

My youngest son was home from school today and he entertained himself at my office and on the way home with my phone, taking lots of pictures and making videos. This is what I discovered when I got home.

OK, maybe the the headline of this post is misleading, but it is accurate. Anyway, I thought it was cute and hopefully we’ll see the official video soon.

A new music video!

I had intended to stop writing this blog and convinced myself that it was the right time, especially after my recent discovery  (see previous post). But then there was this yesterday:

And this:

I was so excited that there will be a new video soon and realized that I don’t know anybody in my real life that really understands how excited I am about this (or who wants to hear about it) so I had to come back here to write about it.

A new video – whoo-hoo! MTV was such a big part of my teenage years. Although we never had cable, I did A LOT of babysitting for families who did have cable and as soon as the kids were asleep, I switched on MTV. So now instead of waiting for a babysitting gig then waiting for the kids to go to sleep so I could wait for a Rick Springfield video, now I’ll just watch the Internet for a sign of the new video. Sort of like the ’80s, except now I’m 30 years older. That’s OK though, right?

Anyway, when I first saw the photo of RS on the mountain,¬†I thought it must be for “Down” because the song mentions a mountain and a river. Except the video was being filmed at an ocean, so maybe not? Then I thought maybe it could be for¬†“The Best Damn Thing” because of the “crying on the beach” line. But that was by a¬†raging sea. What’s the difference between an ocean and a sea anyway? “Crowded Solitude”¬†mentions an¬†ocean, but it seems like “Down” would be the next single since “Rocket Science” was always promoted with “Light This Party Up” and “Down” and there’s already a video for “Light This Party Up.” Yes, all of this actually crossed my mind and I couldn’t even discuss it with anyone!

And then the answer came today:

Did I mention how excited I am about this?








‘Going Through Some Old Lyrics’: A RS Facebook post from last year

I just came across this – it’s my new favorite RS video ever (on a separate level than the musical ones).

I’ve been going through my notebooks from the last 30 years finding all my old songs, so this video really resonated with me. Just like RS, I now type all of my songs (sometimes I scribble in the notebook in my purse, but usually only the full song makes it onto the computer) but all my old ones are in notebooks, with plenty of cross-outs, scribbles and re-writes. (I recently went through many of them and selected some to send into cyberspace on Beyond the Notebook.)

This video is so fun to watch, thanks for sharing, RS!

VIDEO: My Rick Springfield Crush Revival

A few months ago, I wrote a song to¬†summarize “My Rick Springfield Crush Revival” and this past weekend, I decided to try to make a video out of it. So I recorded it (on a tape recorder at home) and experimented with the Movie Maker program that came with my computer.

Disclaimer: I have no illusions about being a great singer or guitarist but I did have fun making it! The video – and this blog – is dedicated to my teenage self who would have enjoyed doing these types of things if the technology had existed at the time.

I hope you enjoy it!

The lyrics are here.