Walkin’ In video, what a great gift!

Many thanks to Jenni for sharing this video of “Walkin’ In,” from a Stripped Down concert in Clearwater, Florida, this past March, which was the first time Rick Springfield played this song live. With her permission, a link to the video is posted below.

Much has been written about the community of Rick Springfield fans (OK, maybe not MUCH, but there was a documentary about it: “Affair of the Heart“) – people who have gotten to know each other well from attending concerts across the country and fan events during RS’s long career. For instance, they raise money for charity for Rick Springfield’s birthday and organize a Christmas card exchange in December.

Recently the daughter of one of the “Rick Chicks” (or “Rick Sistas”) reached out to fellow fans because their family is going through a difficult financial challenge due to health issues. So, in the spirit of the season of caring and sharing, here’s my pitch to help a fellow fan. Their family business makes healthy homemade treats for dogs and cats. So if you have a furry friend that you want to spoil for the holidays, here’s their website: Maxx’s Munchies Pawkery.

Click here for the video of “Walkin’ In.” The song will be on the version of “Rocket Science” that can only be purchased at Best Buy.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!

Muse musing

With the new RS album coming out this summer, I wonder how many women there are who are wondering if it will include songs about them – either from actual encounters from long ago or from more recent imagined or misinterpreted interactions.

Does Sylvia of long ago know there’s a song about her? Does “Jessie’s Girl” remember RS from her stained glass class and know that she inspired the Grammy-Award-winning song or was that class just a long-forgotten blip in her life that she never mentioned to anyone?  Does the toxic muse who inspired the Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance album know she was the inspiration?

When I first heard the SDAA album, I didn’t enjoy it at all. I had just read RS’s autobiography and listening to the songs just made me feel incredibly sad. Knowing that it represented such a painful time for him and thinking about his wife having to listen to those songs distracted me from enjoying the music.

It wasn’t until months later when I was listening to Rowdy Ron’s Saturday Night Springfield Special that I heard some of the songs again. Over and over again, I thought, “Wow, what a great song! What album is that from?!” and pretty much every time, it turned out to be from SDAA. “Beautiful You,” “Will I?” “Wasted” “I’ll Make You Happy” are among my favorite RS songs now. (By the way, Rowdy Ron is planning another Springfield Special  this weekend, which means several hours of RS music.)

I especially like when I find out that a song was inspired by his wife because that is just so cool that she has brought out such inspiration in him for all these years.

Anyway, just waiting for the new album to come out to hear the new songs. One new song – “Light This Party Up”  was posted on his Facebook page, a short video from a Club Med concert. Another video – him playing part of his new song “Walking In” – was also on Facebook for a few days, but for some reason it disappeared from my news feed. I really liked that one and have found myself singing it often, although I’m not sure if I have all the lyrics right.

Living vicariously

Although I wasn’t able to go to the Club Med fan getaway, I got my fix, thanks to some thoughtful RS fans who have shared photos and videos on Facebook. Someone even posted a video of RS singing his new song. Whoo-hoo, thank you, thank you!

(The song was great – looking forward to hearing the rest this summer when the new CD is ready!)

For all there basking in the Florida sunlight and all the RS music, it looks like a wonderful time, have fun!