Jessie’s Girl spoofs

In an intro video at Rick Springfield concerts before he plays “Jessie’s Girl,” there are clips from shows or movies where the song has been used, such as on “Glee” and “Boogie Knights.” It’s also been said that it’s the most popular karaoke song.

This past week I saw two other uses – in recent spoofs, one about a remote control and a commentary about the Iran deal. Thirty-five years after its release, the song is still going strong.

I wasn’t able to post the Iran deal video, which was on the Secure America Now Facebook page, but here are some of the lyrics:

“Iran is no friend, yeah I know they’ve been no friend of mine,
But lately they’re in charge though they’ve done a lotta crimes
Iran’s got themselves a deal and now all they do is lie
And they’re watching us with their spies
And they’re cheating on that new deal, I just know it
And they’re taking advantage of literally everything
You know I wish there was no Iran deal
I wish there was no Iran deal
How could we make a decision like that?
They played along with the charade
Because $150 isn’t pocket change
You know I feel so worried when they start talking nukes
I want to tell Congress to stop but the point is probably moot…”

You get the idea. I bet when RS was recording his “Jessie’s Girl” demo back in his Hollywood living room back in 1979, expressing sexual angst about a girl in his stained glass class, it never crossed his mind that his tune would be used 35 years later to make a political commentary about a country in the Middle East.

There’s also this one from last year was pretty funny and obviously this one was approved by RS:

And there is also the Studio C take on “Rick Springfield’s First Hit Song” here.

If the real “Jessie’s Girl” is still alive, she should be aware of this song by now and, with all the publicity out there about it these days, maybe we’ll soon solve this great mystery of the modern world!