Way, way, way back Wednesday

Somebody posted this video on Facebook and I just wanted to post this here because it’s from the recording of one of my very favorite Rick Springfield songs – “Believe in Me” off of the 1973 “Comic Book Heroes.”

For some reason, these lines always get to me:

“And if I get to be a star, or maybe nowhere near that far
I know that either way, it doesn’t matter much to her…”

Probably because he wrote them in his 20s before he became really successful in the U.S. and there’s something really cool about hearing this perspective years after he achieved stardom. I was probably around 13 or so when I heard “Comic Book Heroes” for the first time (years after it came out -I was around 4 years old or so when this video was filmed… yikes) and CBH is still one of my favorites.

So thanks to rsandus for posting! (By the way, if you are not familiar with the rickspringfield.us website, you should really check it out – the fan-based site is celebrating its 15th anniversary and is an amazing resource for all things RS.)

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